Earth Day: CUPW Stands to Protect Mother Earth

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Wednesday April 22 2020

Earth Day has been observed around the world for 50 years each April 22.

CUPW and its members are proud to stand for the rights of workers and their loved ones.

In the past, CUPW and its allies have made it clear that we are at a crossroads: our climate must be a priority. We cannot let our planet be exploited and destroyed anymore.

CUPW considers the environment as a key element of health and safety. Indeed, our communities must be ready for the world of tomorrow: a world which uses renewable energy, which is ecologically focused and environmentally just.

We are committed to raising awareness of the climate emergency and environmental issues, promoting good environmental stewardship, minimizing adverse effects on our climate and planet, and more.

In 2020, CUPW has plans to revisit the Delivering Community Power initiative. We know that if we want communities to stay connected, be based on sustainability with a much lower carbon footprint – we must act now. Our Delivering Community Power initiative allows us to look at ways in which Canada’s postal service network can create change and become a global leader in community and climate friendly delivery.

Despite what some may say, you CAN have a stronger socio-economic system and a more environmentally focused country without anyone being left behind. Workers in the oil and gas industry, for instance, are part of the solution and must be protected and given the proper training and opportunities to transfer their knowledge and skills toward green jobs as soon as possible. This cannot wait.

Some reports show that there are currently more jobs in alternative energy than there are in the oil and gas industry. We believe the federal government has a responsibility to take advantage of this trend to ensure Canadians are not left behind. While it may seem daunting, it is possible to reimagine the status-quo and consider that the oil and gas industry is not sustainable given the current climate emergency.

A just transition is possible, and now, more than ever, the COVID-19 pandemic is giving us the chance to look, think and reconsider what we want our future to look like. Already, many parts of the world are reporting lower gas emissions, better air quality, clearer waters, green new jobs, and more.

If Canada fails to support a just transition, everyone will be negatively impacted. However, low-income and isolated communities will be the ones to suffer the consequences the most. A sound environmental agenda is not just a matter of climate change, but truly a matter of social and economic justice.

During this global pandemic of COVID-19, let us think creatively on the changes we can make in our communities to support our great Mother Earth. We can create a different world than the one we have been experiencing. A better and cooperative future is worth fighting for.


In solidarity,

Julee Sanderson
1st National Vice-President
Dave Bleakney
2nd National Vice-President