Error in Dues Collection for RSMC permanent Relief Employees

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Thursday November 29 2018

This bulletin is to inform you that CUPW and Canada Post have found an error in the way union dues have been calculated and deducted for Permanent Relief Employees (PRE) in the Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (RSMC) bargaining unit.

In accordance with a resolution adopted by the National Executive Board, monthly union dues calculations are based on 1.71% of RSMC’s annual wage component, to an annually set maximum.

You may have overpaid union dues. As you know, a PRE employee earns a minimum of $60 per day when NOT assigned to cover a route. In this case the union dues are to be calculated on that amount.

When you ARE assigned to cover a route, the union dues are to be calculated on the amount received for that route. This amount cannot be for less than the guaranteed $60 for that day. Your daily income may change depending on what work you do.

The error identified is that the 1.71% calculation for dues was included in the $60 base pay, as well as in the earnings when covering a route. As an example, if you earned $150 for covering a route, the union dues were erroneously calculated on $210 for that day rather than on $150.

CUPW has requested CPC amend the way union dues are calculated for Permanent Relief Employees in the RSMC bargaining unit.

The error in the calculation of union dues covers the period from January 2013 to mid-October 2018.

If you have overpaid union dues, the refund will appear on your December 13, 2018 pay stub, under code # WT1159 on PP# 25.

If you require additional information, please communicate by email to:


In solidarity,

Beverly Collins
National Secretary-Treasurer