The Ford Government’s Plans to Repeal Bill 148 is an Attack on the Entire Working Class

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Wednesday October 24 2018

The introduction of legislation to repeal Bill 148, scrapping minimum wage increases, sick days and all the gains workers have won over the last two years in Ontario should be a wake-up call for Ontario’s labour movement. 

Ford’s government will not stop the assault on working people until the labour movement makes them.  Only mass mobilization, strikes, demonstrations, occupations and direct actions will defeat Ford.  The government has declared Ontario “open for business”.  But the union movement has the ability to shut it down.

Thousands of postal workers are on strike in Toronto today.  A demonstration against the repeal of Bill 148 has been called for 5:00 pm.  Postal workers will join the demonstration.



October 24th – 5:00 PM

400 University Avenue

Toronto, Ontario


In Solidarity,

Mike Palecek
National President (2015-2019)