Freedom Flotilla: Postal Worker on Board for a Just Future for Palestine

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Wednesday June 6 2018

For Immediate Release

Ottawa - The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is pleased to announce its support of the 2018 Freedom Flotilla Coalition as it challenges the illegal and inhumane blockade of Gaza.

At its most recent meeting, the National Executive Board adopted a resolution in support of Brother Ron Rousseau’s participation in the Canadian Boat to Gaza.

"I believe in the strengths of the working class, our environment, the future of both our earth and humanity," said Rousseau. Ron Rousseau is status First Nation, living in Carcross, Yukon with his wife and children. He has been a postal worker for 32 years, is President of the CUPW Whitehorse local, and Canadian Labour Congress Vice-President for Indigenous people.

Gaza is a self-governing Palestinian territory surrounded by the state of Israel except for its Mediterranean coastline. Because they oppose its freely-elected government, the United States and Israel have instituted an economic and political boycott of Gaza. Israel has maintained a blockade of Gaza for over ten years. The United Nations has said the blockade would leave Gaza uninhabitable by 2020. But there is resistance, and support for the people of Gaza.

For seven years, the flotilla for peace has been working to raise awareness around the world and urge the international community to end the blockade.

Once again this year, boats will set sail for Gaza under the theme “Right to a Just Future for Palestine.” Throughout their journey, beginning in Bergen, Norway, and ending in the Mediterranean, the flotilla will make many stops to discuss the situation in Gaza.

Rousseau joins the flotilla from June 1 to 21, travelling from Amsterdam to Lisbon. Ron will take this opportunity to speak about the experience of Indigenous peoples in Canada and its similarities to the plight of the Palestinians of Gaza, including alarmingly limited access to water, education, and health services, and the right to a just future for their territory.



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