Grievance N00-10-00001: Collective Agreement Retroactivity Payments Coming Soon

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Thursday October 4 2018


During the 2011 round of negotiations, the employer changed some of the working conditions of CUPW urban unit members starting on May 30, 2011, until Bill C-6 came into effect on June 27, 2011. The Union filed National Grievance N00-10-00001 to challenge this decision. The bill provided for resuming postal service and extending the collective agreement as of February 1, 2011 until a new collective agreement came into effect.

Arbitrator André Bergeron rendered a final decision in the matter on October 30, 2014, in which he allowed the great majority of the Union’s claims. Following an extensive legal battle before Quebec tribunals, the parties finally reached a settlement on August 21, 2018.

The agreement provides for the complete and final resolution of National Grievances N00-10-00001 and N00-07-00037, as well as related individual grievances, through the implementation of Arbitrator Bergeron’s decision dated October 30, 2014. The agreement also sets out a thirty (30) day period for the parties to agree on a process for compensating the affected workers. The Canada Post Corporation (CPC) also committed to adequately compensating all affected workers regardless of whether they had filed an individual grievance.

The parties met at the national level and agreed that an initial payment would be made on November 15, 2018. This payment will settle some of the June 2011 disputes and will cover all urban unit members who were affected and who are still employees of the Canada Post Corporation. Employees who have left the Corporation for any reason will receive the payment at a later date, yet to be determined. This payment will cover the following remedies requested: 

  • Shift and weekend premiums (Clauses 16.01 and 16.02);
  • St-Jean-Baptiste holiday for those who were or should have been called back to work as of 8:30 p.m. on June 27, 2011 (Clauses 18.01 and 18.03);
  • Vacation leave entitlement for June 2011, paid at the 2011 wage rate for those who were entitled to ten (10) days’ wages for that month  (Clause 19.01);
  • Twenty-dollar ($20) boot allowance for full-time employees  (Clause 34.05);
  • Four percent (4%) wage supplement in lieu of insurance plans and paid leave to which temporary employees are not entitled (Clause 44.24);
  • Boot and glove allowance equivalent to thirteen cents an hour ($0.13/hour) for temporary employees (Clause 44.28);
  • Bilingual bonus (Appendix “G”);
  • Reduction of scheduled hours for full time employees (Articles 14 and 53);
  • Reduction of scheduled hours for part-time employees if CPC reduced them below the limit recognized in the collective agreement;
  • Adjustment of the overtime rate of pay for those who worked two (2) hours of overtime or more in a given day (Clause 15.01);
  • Isolated post allowance (Appendix “H”);
  • Maternity leave allowance (Clauses 23.02 and 23.03);
  • Contribution to the British-Colombia Provincial Medical Insurance Plan (Clause 30.08).


If you believe you are entitled to one or more of the above-mentioned remedies and do not receive the November 15, 2018 payment, please contact your union representative or local and provide the required information, which will be forwarded to the National Office for representations on your behalf.

In the future, we will inform you by way of communications or bulletins of subsequent payments to be made by the Canada Post Corporation for other disputes.



The struggle continues


In solidarity,

Carl Girouard
National Union Representative - Grievances (French) (2008-2019)