Harper’s Gone, Time To Take On Trudeau

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Wednesday October 21 2015

Sisters and Brothers:


We did it! We heaved Steve!

First of all, hearty congratulations and a big thank you to all members who have been working on our Save Canada Post campaign and on election campaigns to oust the Conservatives who attacked our public postal service and our jobs!


But our Save Canada Post struggle is far from over…

While the Liberals committed to put a halt to the CMB conversions, they stopped short of promising to restore home mail delivery. We have to keep our campaign going until the cuts are well and truly reversed.

We also need to ensure that the Liberals make good on their commitment to explore postal banking.


We need to hold the Liberals to their promises and push for more!

We are organizing with your Local to meet with newly elected MPs to make good on the Liberal election promise to stop the home mail delivery cuts. We want a full public review of Canada Post, including a review of the Canadian Postal Service Charter. 

A full public review would allow us to have important discussions on the future of public postal service and jobs, and also look at options for service expansion and revenue generation, including postal banking. A review could also help us hold the line on any new cuts.


What you can do

  • Sign up to help your Local put some pressure on the MPs in your area

  • Talk to your family, neighbours and friends or write a letter to the editor about the importance of public consultation on our public postal service

  • Keep our Save Canada Post campaign going until the cuts are overturned.


All CUPW members should feel proud of what we have accomplished so far!

In solidarity,

Mike Palecek
National President


Below you will find the text of a letter that was sent to our new Prime Minister.




                        BY MAIL AND EMAIL

October 20, 2015


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario    K1A 0A6
Dear Mr. Trudeau:
I would like to congratulate you on your election. 
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) looks forward to seeing you, your party and other federal parties working together to meet the challenges facing workers, parents, students, the poor, the homeless, the elderly and others.  As Prime Minister, you more than anyone, have an opportunity to make our federal government work for people.

As you know, your commitment to stop the home mail delivery cuts will go a long way towards making life better for many Canadians, especially seniors and people with disabilities.

CUPW looks forward to the implementation of this commitment and your planned review of Canada Post, with its goal of ensuring “that the Crown Corporation is fulfilling its public mandate to provide high-quality service at a reasonable cost to Canadians – urban, suburban, and rural”. The union is also pleased that you have indicated that you want to “sit down and actually consult with Canadians about what they want”.  To this end, CUPW would like to urge you to hold off on taking measures in relation to Canada Post, other than stopping the home mail delivery cuts, until you have conducted a full public review of Canada Post, including a review of the Canadian Postal Service Charter. 

The union would also like to meet with your new minister responsible for Canada Post, once she or he is appointed, to introduce ourselves, discuss the Canada Post review, consider options such as postal banking, and begin what we hope will be an open and honest dialogue about the future of our public postal system. 

Yours truly,

Mike Palecek
National President
Canadian Union of Postal Workers


c.c.       National Executive Committee, Regional Executive Committees, National Union Representatives, Regional Union Representatives, Specialists, Save Canada Post Campaign Co-ordinators