Innovation and Job Creation – on the Table!

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Monday June 6 2016
Negotiations Bulletin No. 17

Canada Post has put forward a demand to eliminate Appendix “T” from the urban collective agreement. Appendix “T” is important therefore we must oppose this attack from Canada Post. We want it to cover the RSMCs as well.

Appendix “T”, the joint union-employer committee on Innovation and Service Expansion, is the place where we can initiate research, pilot projects, and joint management of new services or the expansion of services. It is becoming more valuable than ever.

Appendix “T” has been successful in contracting in work such as monotainer repair, vehicle maintenance and maintenance in the plants. Appendix “T” has also increased women’s participation in maintenance work and the expansion of retail hours.

Protecting Appendix “T” will keep all these growth opportunities open – both for us, and for our public postal service.


More services to the population

Through the Review of Canada Post, the government is welcoming ideas of service expansion.

We launched our campaign for postal banking in 2013. Now we have an opportunity to talk to the public and push hard to make postal banking a reality. We have the support of many allies including community and labour organizations. Postal banking is being mentioned more and more often by other organizations and we’re hearing that there is a genuine conversation out there about postal banking, and how it could help so many people while keeping the postal service sustainable.


Our future

Our vision of the future is one of growth and it is based on a belief that we can and should do more for the population. Working through Appendix “T” to implement projects that will provide valuable and much needed services to the public, is one way to grow Canada Post.

Canada Post has a vision for the future of making more profits by attacking the working conditions of the people who deliver the services to the public day after day: the workers that built Canada Post.

The opportunity for all of us to tell Canada Post that we deserve better is now. Participate in your local strike vote and give your negotiating committee a strong mandate.


Our future depends on how strong and united we are.

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit