International Day of Human Rights

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Friday December 7 2018
2019 CUPW Human Rights CalendarInternational Day of Human Rights is celebrated on December 10 every year.  In celebration of this day, the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) is proud to introduce its 2019 calendar. This important awareness tool presents many campaigns that the Canadian Union of Postal Workers supports. It features important events and struggles for human rights.

Each month of the calendar shows a poster representing a key date or event. This provides an opportunity to remember and to reflect on some vital struggle for human rights. Keeping such historical elements in mind helps to contextualize the overall fight for human rights and provides a springboard so we can continue working towards a more equal and just society.

The mandate of the NHRC is to study, report and make recommendations on CUPW’s human rights work. It guides the Union in making connections for equity-seeking groups in terms of their working lives, and more broadly. The Union endeavours to apply a human rights lens to all of its work, and the Committee exercises stewardship in this respect.

The Committee also plays a vital role in the education of our members on issues of equality, Indigenous rights, and on how to combat racism, homophobia, transphobia and discrimination against people who are differently abled.

Learning how to think about these issues using an anti-oppression lens is the guarantor of building awareness in the membership. This helps in taking stock of the societal ills that so gravely affect people belonging to an equity-seeking group.

Solidarity and social justice shall prevail if we all commit to creating a better world and this starts with engaging a vision that holds up the respect for human rights as the foundation upon which our union work is forged. It is up to us all to see to it!

Locals will receive the calendar. We encourage you to place this calendar where it can be seen by as many people as possible.  Members can use this link to download and print the calendar.

In solidarity,

Jan Simpson
1st National Vice-President (2015-2019)