Introducing our 2017-2018 RSMC Negotiating Committee

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Thursday June 15 2017
No. 2

The National Executive Board has appointed the negotiating committee to represent the Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (RSMC) unit in the 2017-2018 round of negotiations. These four members join Sister Nancy Beauchamp, as chief negotiator for the unit. This is indeed the first time that the Board has decided to appoint an RSMC as Chief Negotiator! Let’s look at the diversity and range of the committee’s experience:


Amy Anderson

This will be Amy’s first time sitting on the negotiating committee.  She is a member of the Acadie-Bathurst Local in New Brunswick, Atlantic Region, and is currently the President of her local.  She has also been Chief Shop Steward of her local, but has for many years fought for the rights of RSMCs even without a title.  She has been with Canada Post for over 30 years, and knows what members face on the work floor very well. Prior to 2004, she worked with the Organization of Rural Route Mail Couriers (ORRMC) and was the Atlantic Regional Representative for a period during the campaign. 

She has a very good knowledge of both collective agreements, and the rights and benefits of both bargaining units. She has taken numerous courses in the Atlantic region including the basic Shop Steward and the 5 day Advanced Shop Steward course, and has been on Resolution Committees for the last two Regional Conferences.


Bonnie Pollard

Bonnie has been an RSMC since 2002. She has been an active member of the Toronto Local, Metro-Toronto Region, beginning with the sign up campaign of RSMCs. Since that time, she has held the role of shop steward (2005-2008), chief shop steward RSMCs (2008-2011), RSMC national negotiator (2009-2011), and Regional Union Representative (2011-2015). She was also a negotiator for our collective bargaining in 2009.

Bonnie has an extensive knowledge of the collective agreement and has argued countless grievances in the arbitration process for both RSMCs and Urban members. In addition to sitting on numerous local and National committees, she is also a trained facilitator.



Barb McMillan

Barb started with Canada Post in 1999.

She has been the president of the Arnprior-Renfrew Local, Central Region, since 2011. She is a trained facilitator and has facilitated many courses including: RSMC collective agreement, basic shop steward, health and safety. Barb has prepared and argued grievances. She also has previous experience with negotiations in both collective agreements.

This is Barb’s 3rd time on the negotiating committee. She has worked with the compensation model since its implementation, and was involved in the Letter 3, sortation and delivery study. Barb currently sits on the Pay Equity Committee.


Gislain Gagné

Gislain became a rural contractor in 2002 and is today the president of the Bois-Francs Local, in the Quebec Region. He attends meetings of the local joint health and safety committee. Gislain has a very good knowledge of the collective agreement and work processes. He has taken numerous union courses, including the leadership skills training.

Gislain participated in events in conjunction with the Save Canada Post campaign, including a joint demonstration with farmers during Prime Minister Harper’s visit to Victoriaville in 2015. Gislain also participated in the negotiation of a collective agreement as a union executive for a manufacturer employing more than 400 employees.

We are confident that Sisters Amy, Bonnie and Barb and Brother Gislain will do us all proud at the bargaining table. We all welcome them and express congratulations and full support!

Watch for the development of our program of demands this summer, and please stay informed on our negotiations as the pace picks up soon.



Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC bargaining unit