It’s Time To Think Big - It’s Time To Leap

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Monday February 22 2016

Our economy, dependent on resource extraction, is in crisis, and we’re on the verge of runaway climate change.

Scientists now tell us that rapid action is the only way to leave a world worth living in to our children and grandchildren. But some of us have been deadlocked between climate justice and social justice, which often appear to be at odds. We need bold action that addresses both at once.

That is the idea behind the Leap manifesto. It is a call for a country based on caring for the Earth and for one another.  Signed by Canadians like Naomi Klein, David Suzuki, Feist, Neil Young, and your union, CUPW, the Leap manifesto asks us to imagine the ways that we can move beyond our current dilemma , and transform to a society that takes those human values, respect for Indigenous rights, internationalism, human rights, diversity, and environmental stewardship, to heart.

Postal workers can and must be part of this bold action. In our personal lives and our communities we must act directly and also support the required social changes.

In our workplaces, we can demand that Canada Post become a leader in green innovation and fight to create green jobs.

This is a leap year, and February 29 is Leap Day. To celebrate, the Leap manifesto is being re-launched on leap day with a special announcement by CUPW. Stay aware for more information on the events in Ottawa, and also how you can get involved in your local and in your community with local events.

To learn more and to find out about events in your area, go to:

Be part for the change for a green and sustainable future.


In Solidarity, 

Dave Bleakney
2nd National Vice-President