It’s Time To Vote!

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Thursday September 29 2016

Sisters and Brothers,

The time has come to cast your vote on the contracts that are on the table. Let’s not forget that this is part of a bigger battle for decent jobs, good pensions and pay equity.

We have faced Canada Post’s Conservative‑era management and achieved tentative collective agreements that contain no rollbacks. We reached this point without having to withdraw our labour, and were able to negotiate fairly. We have been strong and united through this round of negotiations and now is the time to seal the deal.

Ratification vote meetings will be held between October 23 and December 3 in each local. Every member will have the chance to ask questions of union representatives and review the Collective Agreement. Draft copies of the entire collective agreements will be sent to locals prior to the start of voting.

We will be taking a strike vote at the same time—if the contracts are defeated we would have to return to the bargaining table, and we would need another strike mandate.

Watch your local union bulletin board for the dates of your ratification vote. Local information will be the most reliable, but we’ll also keep an up-to-date schedule on

The majority of the NEB is recommending that members vote YES to both contracts. The NEB is recommending members vote yes to a new strike mandate.  

Mike Palecek
National President (2015-2019)
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