The Labour College of Canada is Back

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Friday October 6 2017

Please note that the deadline for applications to Labour College is very soon: October 23.

New Labour College program launched

The Canadian Labour Congress has launched a renewed and redesigned Labour Leadership Certificate Program. Workers from CLC-affiliated unions across the country are eligible to attend this post-secondary program, which is offered in English.  (Quebec members attend le Collège FTQ-Fonds.)


CUPW participation in Labour College

As outlined in Section 11.04 of the constitution (Joe Davidson Education Fund), CUPW covers the costs of one participant.


About Labour College

Labour College offers an education program for active union members which aims to:

  • Build leadership skills and provide leadership tools
  • Foster empowerment, self-confidence and new networks of labour leaders
  • Strengthen critical thinking skills
  • Examine working class struggles and human rights issues that affect all workers
  • Create change

The new Labour College programis divided into three sessions that can be taken in any order. The first group of students will begin their program on January 8, 2018 with four weeks of online learning, followed by a week-long residential course in BC. Students then have two options for completing the program based on a 15 or 26-month completion plan.

This program requires a long-term commitment and dedicated time to study and participate in course work and discussions.


Areas of study

Areas of study include:

  • Political Economy
  • Theory and Practice of Unions
  • Labour History and History of Work
  • Organizing and Education for Change
  • Communications
  • Emerging Issues for the New Working Class


Who should apply?

CUPW members who:

  • Have taken union courses
  • Are active in the union
  • Are active in social and economic justice issues in their community 

Members of equity-seeking groups are encouraged to apply.


Apply by October 23

Interested members should apply to Labour College by October 23 by submitting the 13-page application to the Labour College registrar.


For more information

For more information on the program, course dates and locations and to download the forms, go to this link:


In solidarity, 

Dave Bleakney
2nd National Vice-President