Many Challenges Ahead In 2015

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Tuesday January 6 2015

At the start of every year, we all wonder: What’s in store for us this year? What challenges will we be facing? 2015 will be no exception. Here are some key thrusts of the coming year:

In 2015, We Will Continue The Fight

This year, the focus of the Union’s work will be our struggle to protect our universal, public postal service. We want not only a postal service that is both efficient, but one that is close to the people and at the heart of community life.

In 2015, We Will Force Canada Post To Review Its Corporate Plan

To do this, we must act and not let Canada Post reduce services and eliminate door-to-door mail delivery. We will therefore continue to raise the profile of our “SAVE CANADA POST” campaign.

In 2015, We Will Get Rid Of The Harper Government

We must absolutely defeat this Conservative government. This will require us to prepare for the coming federal elections. But we know this struggle must also be waged in the political arena. The Harper government supports Canada Post’s five-point plan. Defeating the Conservatives in the next federal elections is an important step in protecting the postal service.

In 2015, We Will Begin Preparing For The Coming Round Of Negotiations

Our two collective agreements with Canada Post will be expiring within the next twelve months. We need to start getting ready. CUPW members will be engaged in the necessary debates to develop our program of demands and negotiating strategy.

In 2015, The Union Is Celebrating Its 50th Anniversary

We have already started preparing for the next National Convention, which is coming up in May.

Convention is an opportunity to engage in an invigorating democratic debate to review our commitments, policies and strategies. This year, it also provides a great opportunity to celebrate the Union’s 50th anniversary, the theme of which will be:  

“50 YEARS OF SOLIDARITY… the struggle continues.”

The only way to wage and to win this struggle is through unity and solidarity. This is what we have always done, and will continue to do in 2015, with the help of our allies in civil society and the labour movement.

Together we will win.

The struggle continues.

In solidarity.

Denis Lemelin
National President (2008-2015)
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