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Friday March 15 2019
Friday March 22 2019
Thursday April 4 2019
Tuesday April 16 2019


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Friday July 6 2018
Canada Post refuses real negotiations and ignores the concerns of workers, who provide quality public service. The Fredericton Oromocto Local has used today to illustrate the Solidarity in their Local. During conciliation Locals must use their collective strength to convince the government to negotiate today’s problems and our future. Thanks to the membership of the Fredericton Oromocto Local and Brother Nickerson , their Local President.
Friday June 29 2018

On Friday, June 29, 2018, the Union sent two requests for conciliation to the Minister of Labour, Patricia Hajdu.

Thursday June 28 2018
We’ve been dealing with the short-term disability program for years, and many members are familiar with this by now, but we remind you: now is the time to carry over your unused Personal Days if you haven’t already.
Wednesday June 27 2018
Canada Post created a workplace crisis which has been brewing for some time. Workers are overloaded and disrespected, and despite being treated as objects and machines, we have continued to provide a high-quality service for everyone across the country. But we all have limits. Our work ethic can no longer be a license to take advantage of us. Things must change. Things must improve. The time is now.
Tuesday June 19 2018
On May 31, 2018 we received the pay equity decision from Arbitrator Flynn. On the same day, Jessica McDonald, Chair of the Board of Directors and Interim President and CEO, issued a statement in which she promised that CPC was “committed to acting “swiftly and diligently” with CUPW to resolve the issues.
Thursday June 14 2018
We’re trying to build momentum in CUPW negotiations with TForce Final Mile (fka Dynamex). Our original intent was to bring TForce to the bargaining table to negotiate with all the bargaining units as one, with a single set of demands on our side. This was to maximize our bargaining power and show the employer that the union’s issues in one location matter to members in all locations.
Thursday June 14 2018
The longest day of the year falls on June 21, when the life-giving sun shines longest in the northern hemisphere. Historically, it is revered for the renewal of the cycles of life and the seasons. The Canadian Government has also recognized this day as National Indigenous Peoples Day “to celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding achievements of Canada's Indigenous Peoples.”
Thursday June 7 2018
On June 6, 2018, the bargaining committees of both parties met with CUPW National President Mike Palecek and CPC Chairperson and Interim President Jessica McDonald. The meeting had been requested by Canada Post to permit Ms. McDonald and National President Mike Palecek to articulate their perspectives on the current negotiations, the recent Pay Equity Award and the ongoing Pay Equity process.
Wednesday June 6 2018
In a previous round of bargaining, Canada Post Corporation’s Chief Negotiator for the RSMC unit called the RSMCs a ‘competitive advantage,’ referring to the cost savings Canada Post realized from the wage gap between RSMCs and Urban unit letter carriers. Now Canada Post must eat those words.
Wednesday May 30 2018
The events in Gaza in recent weeks have left no one indifferent. Even Prime Minister Trudeau felt compelled to ask for an independent investigation of the situation in Gaza. Canada is complicit in these crimes, supplying Israel with weaponry used to kill civilians and to maintain an illegal occupation of Palestine. Further, Canada just expanded a free trade deal with the Israeli regime. We must continue to generate and stimulate debate through concrete solidarity actions. We need to remain active.
Thursday May 31 2018
More than ever, we have momentum on our campaigns, and a window of opportunity to translate this momentum in to bargaining support, which may become critical in weeks to come. Summer brings opportunities for Locals to get involved in events and spread our campaign messages: participating in community fairs, movie nights, parades and barbecues are just a few examples of positive and energetic places for actions – and to have a little fun with our neighbours while drumming up support.
Thursday May 31 2018
We received the pay equity arbitration award from Arbitrator Flynn. The award is lengthy and complex and was written only in English. It is currently being translated by CUPW. At this time, we can confirm that the arbitrator has ruled that RSMCs perform work of equal value to that of letter carriers. She has also ruled that a wage gap exists between RSMCs and letter carriers.
Tuesday May 29 2018
Ontario provincial Election Day – June 7 – is approaching quickly. All union members should engage in this election and especially cast our ballots. The provincial government can profoundly affect the lives of workers.
Monday May 28 2018
Today the Union was notified by Arbitrator Flynn that her decision on the Pay Equity dispute will be released sometime on Thursday, May 31st. It is expected that the decision will be lengthy and complicated. The Union intends to analyze the conclusions of the decision and its impact on the membership as soon as possible and distribute the results through our various means of communication.
Friday May 18 2018
As mentioned in our previous bulletin, the parties have been meeting in sub-committees. The goal is to achieve some of our demands before the more intensive phase of negotiations, which is set to start on June 4. In short, we want to create momentum.
Thursday May 17 2018
This summer, postal workers are invited to participate in the many Pride events across the country to support their co-workers, friends, family, neighbours and communities. We're proud of our LGBTTQ Sisters and Brothers. CUPW has been visible and audible at Pride marches and festivals for years – let’s keep the tradition alive! What better way to show your pride than by sporting your very own CUPW Pride T-shirt! Order yours today!
Tuesday May 15 2018
Ableism is a practice of superiority, alongside racism, sexism or homophobia – a habit of mind that says some human beings are more valuable than others. It divides us into winners and losers. Barriers are imposed on those who are devalued by ableism. This kind of mentality benefits the authorities and corporations that profit off our work and our in-fighting. It gets in the way of creating a more just and equitable society.
Monday May 14 2018
Every Friday since March 30th, the media have been reporting on what is happening at the wall between Gaza and Israel: the deaths, the injured, the human rights violations, and each and every one of us is asking “Why?”
Friday May 4 2018
Canada Post’s 2017 Annual Report came out yesterday, and it confirms the position that we’ve taken for many years now: there is no financial crisis at Canada Post, there’s plenty of room for growth yet, and expansion and innovation mark the way to long-term viability for the service.
Thursday May 3 2018
After several months of mediation and discussions with Canada Post, it is time to take our negotiations to the next level. We have focused on our needs and concerns and now is the time to focus on solutions that will address our demands. The mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services will continue to work with the parties.
Thursday May 3 2018
You’ve probably heard about Canada Post Corporation’s (CPC) unilateral and immediate decision to have all outside delivery workers wear the high-visibility vest, even those who already carry the high-visibility (red) double satchel. You may be wondering where this comes from.
Wednesday May 2 2018
The pay equity arbitration hearings are over and we are now waiting for arbitrator Flynn to render her decision. She has informed the parties that we can expect a decision within 30 days.
Monday April 30 2018
Today, we met with Minister Carla Qualtrough, Member of Parliament Steven MacKinnon and staff from the Minister’s office to discuss the ongoing problem of bullying, harassment and intimidation of workers at Canada Post. The bully-bosses campaign kicked off earlier this year when Brother Tyler Oswald, a postal worker from Winnipeg, asked the Prime Minister a question about bullying at Canada Post during a town hall meeting. Following this meeting, the union was flooded with complaints about abuse on our work floors. Tyler was there today to communicate his experiences directly to the Minister. We brought with us binder upon binder of complaints the union has received. The sheer volume of complaints tells its own story.
Sunday April 29 2018
Take five and watch “Hand in Hand” to learn about the child care project you and members of your local have access to in Winnipeg!
Thursday April 26 2018
Take five and watch “Point of Pride” to learn about the child care project you and members of your local have access to in Calgary!