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Friday November 23 2018
Friday November 23 2018
Friday November 23 2018
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Thursday November 29 2018


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Whether we are cleaners, postal and delivery workers, medical dispatchers or in other important roles, CUPW members have been on the front lines performing vital services to the public during the COVID-19 crisis. The National Executive Board has authorized the purchase of non-medical masks for each of our members. CUPW Locals will be receiving shipments of the masks over the coming weeks; however, distribution will take some time given the large volume of the order.
Monday June 1 2020
Over 50 years ago, American Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” This quote explains and underscores what we are seeing in the media in response to the police killing of a Black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is saddened and outraged by the recent violent attacks against Black individuals regionally, nationally and internationally. We are also deeply concerned that last week Regis Korchinski-Paquet, a Black-Indigenous woman, fell more than 20 floors to her death while members of the Toronto police force were present.