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Tuesday November 14 2017
Friday November 24 2017
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Thursday December 14 2017
Friday January 19 2018
Friday January 26 2018
Friday February 2 2018
Friday February 9 2018


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Thursday August 2 2018
This is a critical stage in our bargaining process. As in the past, we will do everything possible to achieve an agreement without a strike. Over the decades, we’ve seen time and again that when bargaining is tough, the only thing that gets Canada Post Corporation (CPC) moving is a powerful strike mandate – it’s where our bargaining power really comes from. Still, if we have not reached agreements by September 26, 2018, we will have to be ready for some type of job action. In striking down the back-to-work legislation of 2012, Justice Firestone found that our right to strike is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Therefore, management will have to negotiate. This time, they can’t sit back and wait for back-to-work legislation to impose their rollbacks.
Thursday August 2 2018
After two frustrating months of “intense negotiations”, none of our major demands have been the object of an agreement in principle. It seems to us that CPC is just stalling… Here are a few of our demands that have been the focus of discussion for the past months.
Thursday August 2 2018
We have been negotiating with Canada Post for over 9 months now. Every attempt, by us, to intensify these negotiations has been frustrated by Canada Post and therefore little or no progress has been made towards achieving our major demands. Here are a few of our demands that have been the focus of discussion for the past months.
Friday July 12 2019
Delivering Community Power (DeCoPo) - We are at a crossroads. Our land, air and water are already feeling the effects of climate change. Economic inequality and precarious work are on the rise. Layoffs in fossil fuels extraction industries are leading to more economic uncertainty. Scientists tell us that, to prevent climate catastrophe, we must transition completely off fossil fuels in our lifetime. Canada can run entirely on renewable electricity by 2035 and transition to a 100% clean economy by 2050. If that’s what we want, we have to start now.
Friday July 27 2018
At this point, many are wondering what is currently happening as CUPW’s 50,000 members prepare to vote nationally to give the National Executive Board a mandate to call for strike action, if necessary.
Friday July 20 2018
We have just completed two full days of meetings with Mediator/Arbitrator Maureen Flynn and the CPC Pay Equity Committee (July 17th and 18th). Counsel for both parties also participated.
Tuesday July 17 2018
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers will meet interim President and CEO of Canada Post, Jessica McDonald, and the heads of all unions at Canada Post, on July 23rd to discuss the ongoing problem of bullying, harassment and intimidation of workers.
Friday July 13 2018
A small, but dedicated group of members in Quebec, led by Richard Martin, President of the CUPW local in Vaudreuil-Dorion, and Audrey Pepin, Vice-President, Quebec, have come together to mobilise the membership in the province. The group, made up of some of the most active and organised people from across the province, wants to inspire members to take action in their own locals and communities, and remind them that local events can have just as much of an impact as a rally on Parliament Hill.
Thursday July 12 2018
As directed by Arbitrator Flynn, the parties have been meeting to try to resolve several issues. PCI Delivery, Lock Changes and Householders - The parties are meeting on these issues in an effort to determine the implications of Arbitrator Flynn’s decision with respect to the wage gap, the pension and the time values associated with these work processes.
Monday July 9 2018
On Friday, July 6, the Union received the notices confirming the start of conciliation for the Urban and RSMC bargaining units. These notices also confirm the appointment of two conciliators, one of whom is the director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. The two conciliators will work with both bargaining units.
Friday July 6 2018
Canada Post refuses real negotiations and ignores the concerns of workers, who provide quality public service. The Fredericton Oromocto Local has used today to illustrate the Solidarity in their Local. During conciliation Locals must use their collective strength to convince the government to negotiate today’s problems and our future. Thanks to the membership of the Fredericton Oromocto Local and Brother Nickerson , their Local President.
Friday June 29 2018

On Friday, June 29, 2018, the Union sent two requests for conciliation to the Minister of Labour, Patricia Hajdu.

Thursday June 28 2018
We’ve been dealing with the short-term disability program for years, and many members are familiar with this by now, but we remind you: now is the time to carry over your unused Personal Days if you haven’t already.
Thursday May 31 2018
Bargaining for a Better Future at Canada Post - Over the last several years, postal workers have faced attacks from both management and the Government. When we first launched the Save Canada Post campaign, many said that it was a lost cause. Even some of our allies didn't think it was possible to stop the cuts that had been announced. It's a good thing we didn't listen to them! After years of mobilization, we finally succeeded in defeating Harper's agenda and saved door to door delivery.
Wednesday June 27 2018
Canada Post created a workplace crisis which has been brewing for some time. Workers are overloaded and disrespected, and despite being treated as objects and machines, we have continued to provide a high-quality service for everyone across the country. But we all have limits. Our work ethic can no longer be a license to take advantage of us. Things must change. Things must improve. The time is now.
Duration: 3 weeks / Summary: Known as the “flagship” of CUPW education, this residential program inspires and strengthens existing and emerging union leaders.
Duration: 5 days / Summary: The Level 2 facilitator training course is for members with significant facilitation experience who want to deepen their skills.
Duration: 5 days / Summary: The Level 1 facilitator training course is for members who have never facilitated, or have very limited facilitation experience.
Duration: 5 days / Summary: This specialized course was developed by the national grievance department to train members to argue arbitration cases.
Duration: 2.5 days / Summary: This course is about recognizing mental health issues in the workplace, assisting co-workers suffering from mental illness, and strategies for psychological health and safety.
Duration: 2.5 days / Summary: This course gives new members key information about their union and helps them find their place in it.
Duration: 2.5 days / Summary: This course raises the awareness of CUPW members about workplace harassment and violence.
Duration: 2.5 days / Summary: This course explores the status of women in society and in the union, and empowers women activists.
Duration: 2.5 days / Summary: The Turtle Island course aims to build meaningful, long-term relationships with and among indigenous peoples inside and outside our workplaces.
Duration: 2.5 days / Summary: This course provides an overview of the rights and struggles of equity-seeking groups, focusing on racialized groups, differently-abled people, members of the LGBT community, and indigenous people.