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Thursday September 27 2018
Wednesday October 3 2018
Wednesday October 3 2018
Wednesday October 3 2018
Friday October 5 2018
Tuesday October 9 2018
Tuesday October 9 2018


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Friday February 2 2018
The federal government’s 2016 review of Canada Post was concluded last week with Public Services and Procurement Minister Carla Qualtrough’s announcement of a vision for the future of Canada Post based on the review. The Minister presented the vision as putting service to Canadians at the heart of Canada Post Corporation’s (CPC) renewed mandate.
Thursday February 1 2018
Last night, at a town hall meeting in Winnipeg, the Prime Minister was asked a question about bullying, harassment and intimidation of workers at Canada Post. The audience member pointed out “When they should be industry-leading on how to treat workers, they are industry leaders on how to intimidate, harass and bully their employees.”
Wednesday January 31 2018

The minutes of the National Joint Uniform Committee meetings are written, translated and provided by Canada Post Corporation.

Wednesday January 31 2018

The minutes of the National Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings are written, translated and provided by Canada Post Corporation.

Friday January 26 2018
We have had several days of meetings with Canada Post and the mediators. We have been working hard to understand and work within the framework of this mediation process. As previously mentioned, mediation at the beginning of negotiations, is a first for our Union.
Thursday January 25 2018
The delegation to the World Social Forum will take part in activities such as a workshop on the Canadian postal service (“Delivering Community Power”), meet with Brazilian postal workers and visit postal installations. The costs of the visit will be paid out of Appendix “R”. The deadline for submitting an application to join the delegation is February 12, 2018.
Wednesday January 24 2018
Media Release - OTTAWA – Door-to-door protected for millions, but fight to restore the cuts carries on. This morning, after a year of review and another year of delays, the federal government finally made public its vision for a renewed Canada Post. Some four million households can now rest easy that their door-to-door service will not be cut, but more than 800,000 are still out in the cold.
Monday January 22 2018

In December, we issued a bulletin introducing the negotiators for the TForce Final Mile (f.k.a. Dynamex) bargaining units.

Friday January 19 2018
On November 14, 2017 the Union requested the Minister of Labour appoint mediators as per section 105 (1) of the Canada Labour Code. Canada Post agreed and the mediators are now assisting the parties.
Wednesday January 17 2018
Dear Premier Horgan, As a trade unionist, born and raised in British Columbia, Ginger Goodwin has always had a special place in my heart. Ginger was murdered in 1918, after leading the first strike for the eight‑hour day in this country. He was a prominent socialist, anti-war activist and union leader in his day, and has become immortalized as a martyr of British Columbia’s labour movement. To this day, Ginger Goodwin inspires many who dream of a better world.
Friday January 12 2018
There appears to be some uncertainty about the rights that apply after the collective agreements have expired. This bulletin is to clarify the situation.
Thursday December 14 2017

The National Executive Board has appointed the negotiating committee to represent our TForce Final Mile (formerly Dynamex) bargaining units in the

Wednesday January 10 2018

On SUNDAY, December 31, 2017 (yes, the last day of the year), and two days before the deadline for submitting its consultant’s second report on pay

Wednesday January 10 2018

Most parts of the country get extreme cold weather at various times throughout the winter.  This year some regions were hit unexpectedly early, and

Thursday December 21 2017
In 2016 we reached agreement with Canada Post on new dimensions and weights for unaddressed admail (aka neighbourhood mail, householders). The agreement included changes in per-piece payments – increases and decreases – to gain increased time values for the preparation work.
Wednesday December 20 2017

The government’s postal service review wrapped up a year ago in time for the holiday break, with a promise that the Liberal government w

Wednesday December 20 2017
On December 6, 2017, United States President Trump announced that the US would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the American embassy to Jerusalem, in violation of international law. This decision confirms the US government’s support of Israel’s plan to annex and colonize Palestine.
Wednesday December 20 2017
On October 5th 2016, the House of Commons declared by unanimous motion the month of January as Tamil Heritage month. The Parliament recognized the contributions that Tamil-Canadians have made to Canadian society, the richness of the Tamil language and culture, and the importance of educating and reflecting upon Tamil heritage for future generations.
Tuesday December 19 2017

On November 29, 2017, Prime Minister Trudeau made an historic announcement.

Thursday December 14 2017
CUPW members have the ability to try out new uniform items or pieces of equipment as part of a joint process conducted by the National Joint Uniform Committee (NJUC). The Committee then holds discussions regarding these new clothing items or pieces of equipment. The information gathered under this process is sometimes used to modify an item or to determine whether it should be included in or excluded from the order catalogue.
Thursday December 14 2017
On Monday, December 11, Canada Post made presentations on its financial situation and on parcels. We made our own presentation about Canada Post’s financial reports.
Wednesday December 13 2017

The parties recently signed two memoranda of agreements regarding amounts owed to workers who, as a result of their failure to respect deadlines im

Tuesday December 12 2017
The continued growth in parcel volumes is causing Canada Post to offer more weekend work and more work on statutory holidays. It is important that if you work on a statutory holiday that you are paid correctly.
Friday December 8 2017
As mentioned in our previous bulletin, we had hoped that Arbitrator Flynn would be able to help the employer clarify its position. However, we quickly realized that our hopes were not shared.
Wednesday December 6 2017
On Monday, December 4, the negotiating committee met with Canada Post to present our opening statement on the program of demands. During this meeting, Canada Post also presented its opening remarks. Their presentation did not clearly define its demands and rollbacks, but instead provided a vague and non-specific outline of topics that they would like to discuss at the bargaining table.