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Thursday January 29 2015
Thursday January 22 2015
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Tuesday January 6 2015
Thursday October 17 2019
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Monday April 30 2018

The minutes of the National Joint Uniform Committee meetings are written, translated and provided by Canada Post Corporation.

Monday April 30 2018

The minutes of the National Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings are written, translated and provided by Canada Post Corporation.

Sunday April 29 2018
Take five and watch “Hand in Hand” to learn about the child care project you and members of your local have access to in Winnipeg!
Thursday April 26 2018
Take five and watch “Point of Pride” to learn about the child care project you and members of your local have access to in Calgary!
Monday April 23 2018
Take five and watch “Care and Understanding” to learn about the child care project you and members of your local have access to in Windsor!
Friday April 20 2018
Application Deadline: Friday May 4, 2018, Noon. CUPW launched the Delivering Community Power (DeCoPo) project in February 2016 to advance part of the union’s vision for the postal service and to work with new allies on a new basis. The next phase of the campaign is to develop and hone the vision while spreading the message and exerting political pressure on the federal government to use Canada Post as a transformative force for addressing climate change and social issues together.
Thursday April 19 2018
The Negotiating Committee has been meeting with Canada Post negotiators since January, as part of the mediation process requested by the Union. We are using a mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services to help the parties reach an agreement.
Thursday April 19 2018
The National Day of Mourning, held annually on April 28, is dedicated to remembering those who have lost their lives, or suffered injury or illness on the job. This annual event was initiated by the labour movement 34 years ago to increase awareness of on-the-job injuries and fatal workplace accidents. This day of remembrance was officially recognized by the federal government in 1991, more than eight years after it was launched by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) in 1985.
Thursday April 19 2018
May is a time to recognize the many contributions that people of Asian heritage make to the betterment of society. Asian Heritage Month has been celebrated since the 1990s, but the Canadian government officially recognized May as Asian Heritage Month in 2002.
Friday April 20 2018
Take five and watch “In Good Hands” to learn about the child care project you and members of your local have access to in Fredericton!
Tuesday April 17 2018
At the April 10, 2018 RSMC National Consultation the Corporation indicated that, commencing April 23, 2018, it is their intent to update the delivery process for parcels. This change affects more than 6,000 routes.
Tuesday April 17 2018
For immediate release – OTTAWA – The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has asked the Auditor General of Canada to investigate what led Canada Post to fraudulently report workplace injuries and whether these decisions led to improper bonuses being paid to senior management.
Tuesday April 17 2018
I am writing to request that you examine the decision-making that led to the incorrect reporting of injuries to labour Canada by Canada Post during the years 2010 to 2017 and determine if the incorrect reporting of workplace injuries resulted in improper bonuses being paid to senior management of Canada Post.
Tuesday April 17 2018
Take five and watch “Grow With Us” to learn about the child care project you and members of your local have access to in St. John’s and Corner Brook!
Thursday April 12 2018
CUPW’s Union Education Program (UEP) is a three-week residential program that develops your knowledge and leadership skills. This intensive and enriching experience will take place this fall.
Thursday April 12 2018
Did you know that CUPW negotiated the CUPW Child Care Fund with Canada Post Corporation in 1991? We are the only union in North America to negotiate a fund to help members with their child care needs. Great things happen when we stand together for positive change, just as we did a decade earlier with the achievement of maternity leave.
Friday April 6 2018
True job security is based on secure, valuable and predictable work, and insuring the future of our work.
Thursday April 5 2018
This is to give you an update on legal disputes that arose from the 2011 round of negotiations, when the employer changed certain working conditions which prompted the Union to file National Grievance N00-10-00001. As you know, the Harper government then passed draconian and unjust back-to-work legislation (Bill C-6) after the Canada Post Corporation had declared a general lockout.
Thursday April 5 2018
April 11, 2018 marks the International DAY OF PINK - a day where communities across the country and the world unite to celebrate diversity and bring an end to homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, and all forms of bullying.
Tuesday April 3 2018
We have now completed the testimony of 2 of the corporation’s witnesses; Rob Sinclair, Director of Labour Relations and Susan Whitely, Director Delivery Strategy (formerly the Director of National RSMC Operations), in front of Arbitrator Flynn in the Pay Equity Arbitration...
Wednesday March 28 2018
As the world around us gets busier, more hectic and our work/life balance is becoming unbalanced, sometimes we need someone to turn to that we know and trust. In some cases the stress levels can become unbearable. Social stewards are trained and will listen. The idea of social stewards is not new, but now is the time to have them recognized in our collective agreement.
Tuesday March 27 2018
It is now possible for CUPW members to become a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) in Canada Post offices with fewer than 20 employees. Under an agreement reached between the CPAA and CUPW in March 2009, and renewed in each subsequent term, the parties negotiated an election process for two-year terms, as required by the Canada Labour Code. The current term will come to an end in mid-June 2018. Health and Safety Representatives must be chosen by all employees in the office in question.
Friday March 23 2018
In fall of 2013 we launched a campaign - you may remember it as the debut of our ten-foot inflatable piggy banks - to advocate for postal banking at Canada Post, as a way to diversify the postal service’s revenues, but also as an opportunity to address financial exclusion and marginalization, and extend services to people and places that the big banks have turned their backs on - small towns, the North, many inner city populations, and urban Indigenous communities.
Thursday March 22 2018
Ottawa - Postal union and social justice leaders, along with a mayor on a mission, joined Member of Parliament Irene Mathyssen (NDP, London-Fanshawe) on Parliament Hill this morning for a press conference to put pressure on Members of Parliament to support postal banking in Canada.
Wednesday March 21 2018
Municipalities and groups that have passed resolutions or sent letters in support of expanding services like postal banking