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Thursday May 5 2016
Tuesday May 10 2016
Thursday May 12 2016
Tuesday May 31 2016


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Wednesday June 14 2017

Postal workers are a proud group.

Wednesday June 14 2017
First Nations, Métis and Inuit members are represented on the Aboriginal working group of CUPW’s National Human Rights Committee. Each year, the working group directs the creation of a poster for June 21, to express traditional teachings or symbolism from the animals of turtle island. This year’s poster carries the dragonfly.
Wednesday May 24 2017
In May we celebrate Asian Heritage Month, and also South Asian Heritage Month. Since May 2002 the federal government has officially recognized it, but people across the country have celebrated Asian Heritage Month in May since the 1990s.
Wednesday May 17 2017
The Canada Post Corporation informed the Union today that it would be making changes to its initiative that consists of separating the sortation work from the delivery work on letter carrier routes.
Friday May 12 2017
The national executive board has nominated the negotiating committee to represent the Urban Postal Operations (UPO) unit in the 2017-2018 round of bargaining. These 5 members, which include a technical assistant (Brother Stephen Gale) join Brother Sylvain Lapointe, previously announced as chief negotiator for the unit.
Thursday May 11 2017

These are the words a participant used to describe the participation of our Union delegation in the May 1st celebration in Havana.

Thursday May 11 2017

The Pay Equity study pilot Focus Groups have been completed and the Focus Group schedule has been finalized.

Thursday May 4 2017

Recently, the role of national vs. international unionism has come under scrutiny.

Tuesday May 2 2017

Canada Post made $81 million in net profit in 2016 in spite of a management team that refused to innovate and despite management threats to lock ou

Thursday April 27 2017
In the last round of bargaining with Canada Post Corporation (CPC), our union negotiated the right for carriers to prepare unaddressed admail (aka householders or neighbourhood mail) at the end of the day. In the agreement, as long as the overtime process is respected, supervisors can’t use being on overtime as a reason to deny time for admail preparation. This was to apply to collating admail for all points of call (POC) — including centralized POC — when letter carriers have three or more pieces of admail per POC.
Wednesday April 19 2017

On April 12, 2017 the CUPW Bee Clean negotiating committee met with representatives from Bee Clean.

Thursday April 20 2017

On April 26th, we will be holding our first pilot Focus Group for the Pay Equity Study.

Wednesday April 19 2017

Earth Day, April 22, is a celebration for the planet we all share. It is a time to reflect, and challenge ourselves to change our habits.

Thursday April 13 2017
The National Day of Mourning, held annually on April 28, is dedicated to remembering those who have lost their lives, or suffered injury or illness on the job. This annual event was initiated by the labour movement 33 years ago to increase awareness of on-the-job injuries and fatal workplace accidents. This day of remembrance was officially recognized by the federal government in 1991, more than eight years after it was launched by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) to raise awareness of on-the-job injuries and fatal workplace accidents.
Wednesday April 5 2017

This month, we think of our Sikh co-workers and community members, and we remember the struggle of Sikhs in this land as part of the fight to rid C

Thursday March 23 2017
After years of attacks against pensions under the Harper government, it appears the Liberals are preparing a major assault of their own… and postal workers may be the first target.
Wednesday March 22 2017
Late last year, the government introduced legislation that attacks the stability of federally-regulated pension plans. Bill C-27 would create a framework for the conversion of defined benefit pension plans into target benefit plans. The bill was met with outrage from the labour movement, as it was introduced without any consultation whatsoever.
Wednesday March 15 2017

CUPW’s National Executive Board has adopted a resolution to send a delegation to Cuba for May Day.

Monday March 13 2017

On Friday, March 10th, we received notification from the corporation that they intend to implement a major restructure of delivery opera

Thursday March 9 2017
The National Executive Board has selected Brother Sylvain Lapointe, National Director of the Metro Montreal Region as Chief Negotiator of the urban negotiating committee. It’s time to call for applications from all members who are interested in serving on the negotiating committees for our two biggest bargaining units – Urban Postal Operations (UPO) and Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (RSMC).
Thursday March 2 2017
International Working Women’s Day – now known as International Women’s Day – was first observed in March 1911, when over a million people took part in rallies campaigning for women’s rights and against discrimination.
Friday February 24 2017
In our last bulletin, we explained the importance of following the Human Rights Act and the Equal Wage Guidelines and we outlined the first two steps in a Pay Equity Study. The first step was to determine the male comparators and in our case they are all jobs in Group 2 and Mail Despatchers. The second step is developing and confirming the Job Profiles. The third step is developing the Job Evaluation Plan.
Friday February 10 2017
On February 2nd we were notified that Maureen Flynn has been appointed as our arbitrator under the Pay Equity Study Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Though the parties have not had a disagreement that requires Arbitrator Flynn’s intervention, we welcome her appointment. Her appointment will allow for any disagreements to be handled expeditiously.
Thursday February 9 2017
Our Union mourns the tragic loss of the fathers, husbands and sons massacred while they prayed at the Islamic cultural centre in Quebec City. These acts of hate harm everyone. Now is a time for reflection, compassion and meaningful solidarity. Muslim Canadians are represented in every field of work. They are our families and our co-workers.
Tuesday January 31 2017
Every February is a chance for us to reflect on the connections between Black history and our engagement with the living present. It’s not just a month to reflect, and to educate, but also a time to consider the history we are now making, and make sure we take pride in our work for a better future.