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Friday November 23 2018
Friday November 23 2018
Friday November 23 2018
Saturday November 24 2018
Tuesday November 27 2018
Wednesday November 28 2018
Thursday November 29 2018
Thursday November 29 2018


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Friday December 6 2019
On December 6, 1989, a man entered a mechanical engineering classroom at Montreal’s École Polytechnique armed with a semi-automatic weapon. After separating the women from the men, he opened fire on the women. When he was finished, fourteen young women were dead, and thirteen other people wounded.
Thursday November 28 2019
The National Executive Board has agreed to participate in an Appendix “T” pilot project regarding schedule structures in order to deal with the increase in the Amazon Depot Direct Induction volumes (DDI) above the present daily cap. The location of the pilot is in selected depots in the Greater Vancouver area, in Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge and North Burnaby.
Wednesday November 27 2019
Bill C-89, An Act to provide for the resumption and continuation of postal services was passed by the federal Liberal majority in the House of Commons on November 24, 2018 and took effect at noon on November 27. One year has passed.
Friday November 22 2019


Many members felt anger and frustration at the news that the arbitrator responsible for determining our collective agreements, and o

Wednesday November 20 2019
CUPW is appalled to see international actors including Canada, the UK and the U.S.A. condoning a coup d’état in Bolivia, enacted by a group of military, police, and right-wing politicians.
Tuesday November 19 2019
At National Consultation held on October 11, 2019, Canada Post Corporation (CPC) presented their 2019 Operational and Staffing Peak Season Plan for the Urban bargaining unit. CPC informed CUPW that they are expecting a 31% increase in parcels/packets for the 2019 Peak Season. In addition, CPC stated that in order to accommodate the increase of parcel/packets, CPC intends to hire 1894 temporary employees for Group 1 and 1874 temporary employees for Group 2. The usage of temporary employees has to be inline with the Urban collective agreement.
Monday November 18 2019
We have now completed 35 days of hearings. There are 4 dates scheduled for December; 3rd, 6th, 19th and 20th. Canada Post has used 15 hearing dates so far. When the Arbitrator asked about how much longer they need to complete their case, the answer from their counsel was vague. He never really answered the question but stated they think they have 3 or 4 more witnesses to go.
Wednesday November 13 2019
In our June 28 bulletin (bulletin # 082), we explained that in the current round of negotiations, the parties (CUPW and CPC) agreed to amend some provisions and classifications related to groups 3 and 4.
Friday November 8 2019

CUPW is negotiating a first collective agreement for Bee Clean workers in Moncton and Saint John, New Brunswick.

Thursday November 7 2019
Wednesday April 17 2019

The minutes of the National Joint Health & Safety Committee meetings are written, translated and provided by Canada Post Corporation.

Wednesday November 6 2019
TORONTO – Hearings continued in Toronto today in which the results could be a defining moment for gig economy workers in Canada. The misclassification of gig workers as independent contractors instead of dependent contractors or employees is being fought by Foodora couriers at the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB).
Monday November 4 2019
We talked to Petter, a young father of a two-year old son, who works at the Posten parcel sorting terminal in Oslo about what it’s like to be a working parent in Norway. He and his partner applied for a place in a public kindergarten (child care centre) when his son was born and had a place for him at 11-months old. He was able to change his work hours so he could do the morning drop-off and his partner the evening pick-up. He indicated, they were fortunate to have a supportive employer and a system that is there when we needed it.
Friday November 1 2019

After hearings on October 23 and 30, we have now completed 34 days of arbitration.

Sunday October 20 2019
WHEREAS The existing retirement income system in Canada has failed to deliver secure and adequate retirement incomes for most workers, and partic
Thursday October 31 2019

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers continues to stand in solidarity with the Chilean people, who took to the streets this month to demand democra

Tuesday October 29 2019
What could the children at the Ilebrekke child care centre be getting ready for? Over the last month the children have been engaged in a project to explore the work of contemporary Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama (famous for her polka-dot installations).
Friday October 25 2019

The National Committee of Parents in Kindergarten (child care), known as FUB, ensures that parents have input into discussions on kindergarten poli

Thursday October 24 2019
We just attended the International Centre for Early Childhood Education and Care conference (agenda: http://bit.ly/2JifzAs) in Berlin where inequality in access to ECEC was discussed from many points of view. It was a great way to begin our “Building Robust Child Care Systems,” a 2-year research project to learn how select countries have been working to build comprehensive, quality, affordable child care systems that meet families’ needs.
Monday September 30 2019

Here are some of the issues for retirees to think about:

Saturday August 31 2019

In mid-August, all members of the Canada Post Defined Benefit pension plan, including retirees, will be receiving a letter from Canada Post seeking

Wednesday October 23 2019
These are pocket-sized reference cards about the right to refuse unsafe work. Locals or individual members can print and cut them out from the pdf files on cupw.ca. Locals without the means to print the cards may order the quantity needed from the national office’s print shop, to the attention of printshop@cupw-sttp.org
Wednesday October 23 2019
CUPW buckled down and made a strong showing in our 2019 federal election campaign. We mobilized workfloors and engaged locals and members with the Delivering Community Power vision. Our coordinators did all they could to inform our members on the issues that affect our work, and get out the postal worker vote. Now we have the results!
Friday October 18 2019
AUTHORIZED BY THE OFFICIAL AGENT FOR THE CANADIAN UNION OF POSTAL WORKERS. - cupw.ca - Sisters and Brothers, I am sharing with you these facts from the Elections Canada website (www.elections.ca). Remember: your vote in this election is crucial to elect progressive and worker friendly Members of Parliament.
Thursday October 17 2019
We continued with our busy arbitration schedule by completing 8 days of hearings in the last three weeks. We have now completed 32 days of hearings. We presented our entire case in 20 days, which included hearing evidence and the cross-examination of 28 witnesses. So far Canada Post has used 12 days of hearings and we have heard evidence from 3 witnesses. They still have their fourth witness on the stand and have at least 3 more witnesses to go after that.