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Wednesday May 17 2017
Wednesday May 24 2017
Wednesday June 14 2017


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Thursday August 11 2016
We have held rallies and shown the Government and Canada Post that we are ready and willing to support our demands.
Monday August 8 2016
On Saturday, over 1000 postal workers and allies gathered in Montreal and marched to Prime Minister Trudeau’s constituency office to deliver our message to the government. It is time for Canada Post to negotiate seriously with us and address the issues that are key to achieving new collective agreements.
Friday August 5 2016
As we prepare to attend rallies across the country over the next few days to invite the Liberal Government to get involved and tell Canada Post to negotiate seriously, it is time to plan our next move. It is time for our actions to intensify. Canada Post management must get the message that we are, and have always been, ready to sit down and hammer out the terms and conditions for our new collective agreements and we expect the same from them.
Thursday August 4 2016
On August 6, 2016, postal workers and their supporters will be gathering in Montreal and other communities across our country to send a strong message to the shareholder and owner of Canada Post - the Government of Canada. The Canada Post Negotiating Committee must come to the table ready to settle the key issues and work with us to achieve negotiated collective agreements.
Thursday August 4 2016
MONTREAL -Postal workers and friends will rally at the Prime Minister’s constituency office in Montreal on Saturday, August 6th to call for decent pensions, pay equity and a sustainable public postal service.
Friday May 13 2016

The minutes of the National Joint Uniform Committee meetings are written, translated and provided by Canada Post Corporation.

Tuesday August 2 2016
Canada Post isn’t taking some of our key negotiations issues seriously. We want the Liberal government to use its considerable influence to ensure that a government institution like Canada Post is onside with its objectives of improving pensions, pay equity and public postal service. Please bring your friends and family and join us in Montreal.
Monday July 18 2016

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Tuesday August 2 2016
The federal government appointed an independent task force earlier this year to identify options for the future of Canada Post. It said that everything but postal privatization would be on the table.
Thursday July 14 2016
Dear Minister Foote: It is our understanding that the Clerk of the Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates has asked committee members for witness suggestions for the public consultations being held this fall in connection with the Canada Post Review. It appears that they were asked on July 13th to send suggestions by July 19th. This is not a reasonable amount of time. Also, it is not clear whether anyone other than committee members will be allowed to make witness suggestions.
Friday July 29 2016
Dear Mr, Lukiwski: I understand that the Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates will hold e-consultations and public hearings in various locations in connection with the Canada Post Review. I also understand it has decided not to accept briefs or submissions, which is normal practice for committees. CUPW would like to request that the Committee reconsider its decision and allow Canadians to make submissions. We believe this would open up the consultations to people who will not be able to participate in the Committee’s main vehicle for input, the online survey. Close to 20% of Canadians do not have access to the Internet (Source: Statistics Canada, 2012).
Friday July 29 2016
Dear Minister Foote: We have been informed that the Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates will not be accepting submissions when the Committee holds public consultations this fall in connection with the Canada Post Review. As you know, the acceptance of briefs or submissions is normal practice for Committees. Unfortunately, the Standing Committee in question has decided to depart from this practice. It will only conduct e-consultations and hear witnesses in a number of locations. This process will most likely exclude close to 20% of Canadians who do not have access to the Internet (Source: Statistics Canada, 2012).
Thursday July 28 2016
Thursday July 28 2016
The attack on Urban workers is directly related to the inequities that RSMC members face. The only way to stop these attacks is to achieve full equity for RSMCs. CPC’s initial position was to attack the following Urban benefits and working conditions. All of these are benefits that the RSMCs do not have:
Wednesday July 27 2016
The federal government appointed an independent task force earlier this year to identify options for the future of Canada Post. It said that everything but postal privatization would be on the table. This fall, a parliamentary committee will be consulting with Canadians on postal service and the options identified by the task force (Note: taskforce report due in September). It will make recommendations to the government by year’s end.
Wednesday July 27 2016
Yesterday, we updated you on the history and timelines of this round of negotiations. We are sure that many of you are now asking what comes next. At this point in the process, that is the million dollar question but we all need to be prepared for anything. We all need to continue doing what we are doing and keep the pressure on Canada Post to seriously negotiate.
Tuesday July 26 2016
Negotiations between the parties have now been underway for over eight months. They began on November 20, 2015, intensified starting in April 2016, and are still ongoing. On June 25, 2016, the employer presented the Union with two global offers. Canada Post initially said that these were the best offers it could make under the circumstances. On July 1st, 2016, the Union submitted two global offers of its own to the employer.
Monday July 25 2016
We have taken a strong stand against two-tier wages, benefits and pensions throughout our history. CUPW has stood strong on this issue and we will continue to do so. The current wage structure in the Urban Ops collective agreement may not meet the definition of two-tier because all employees will eventually reach the same maximum rate but it is not a fair system. This wage structure has one group of employees with a starting rate that is over $5.00 per hour lower than the other employees that they work alongside. It also takes these employees 7 years to reach the maximum rate, once they become regular employees while their co-workers reach the maximum in 5 years. CPC and the previous government forced this unfair wage system on us during the last round of negotiations and now is the time to correct this injustice.
Sunday July 24 2016
Proper staffing is important for many reasons; health and safety, morale, reducing overtime and providing good service to the public. Has Canada Post done anything during this round of negotiations to improve staffing? Has Canada Post proposed a real solution to these issues? NO!
Saturday July 23 2016
Yesterday we shared some information about the injury rates at Canada Post which shows that there is a serious problem with health and safety. Many of our demands seek to improve the health and safety for postal workers. Nothing is more important than ensuring that each and every one of us works in a safe environment. What has Canada Post done at the bargaining table to improve health and safety for postal workers?
Friday July 22 2016
We met with the mediators today and reviewed the current state of our negotiations with Canada Post and the lack of real progress. In our meeting with CPC today we discussed Health and Safety Training (Appendix DD). CPC is still determined to reduce the 8 hours of health and safety training that every employee receives even though the injury rate at CPC is the highest in the federal public sector.
Thursday July 21 2016
We are telling Canada Post to come to the table ready to address our demands but we continue to meet unjustified resistance. We are pushing back hard and reminding CPC over and over that our demands are important and must be addressed.
Wednesday July 20 2016
We have been talking about the slow progress and we have mentioned some successes. It is now time for Canada Post to come to the table with the intent of resolving key issues if we are going to have negotiated collective agreements.