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Wednesday March 25 2020
Wednesday March 25 2020
Thursday March 26 2020
Friday March 27 2020
Monday March 30 2020


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Friday September 26 2014
Tuesday December 10 2013
The Letter Carrier Route Measurement System was developed to provide management with a means to assess and adjust, on a National basis, an equitable workload for individual letter carrier routes. The system is designed in accordance with engineered standards and method study techniques, and consists basically of the application of time values to each segment of the duties performed by an average experienced Letter Carrier in the sortation, preparation and delivery of mail.
Friday December 17 2010

The System

The system (MSCWSS) determines and regulates the laying out, structuring and verification of the Mail Service Courier functions.

Tuesday February 24 2015

CUPW and Canada Post have agreed to conduct a new pilot project that converts householder payments into time values, tests of larger sized househol

Tuesday January 6 2015

At the start of every year, we all wonder: What’s in store for us this year? What challenges will we be facing? 2015 will be no exception.

Tuesday January 13 2015

When Canada Post introduced right-hand drive (RHO) vehicles, RSMCs were required to perform a daily inspection of their corporate RHO at the start

Wednesday January 21 2015

The 2015 World Social Forum is taking place in Tunis from March 24-28.

Wednesday January 21 2015

The Union has appointed an additional Co-ordinator to help with the campaigns relating to the review of the Canadian Postal Service Charter, the at

Thursday January 22 2015

Beginning September 15,2014 the rules changed in non-major urban centers (MUC) for parcel delivery.

Thursday January 29 2015

On December 11, 2013 Canada Post Corporation (CPC) notified the Union about its 5 Point Plan approximately 1 hour prior to sending out a press rele

Wednesday January 28 2015

The upcoming federal election will be a pivotal one for postal workers.

Friday January 30 2015

The Supreme Court has affirmed that there is constitutional protection for the right to strike.

Wednesday February 4 2015

Carrie Best poster - Black History Month 2015

Wednesday January 28 2015

Since the initial implementation of Postal Transformation (PT) in 2010, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) regu

Friday December 19 2014

Breaking through barriers for workers who have children with special needs

Monday January 26 2015

For Immediate Release

Thursday January 15 2015

The minutes of the National Joint Unifo

Wednesday January 28 2015

The minutes of the National Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings are written, translate

Tuesday November 18 2014

For Immediate Release

Saturday April 26 2014

George Collins
National Postal and Logistics Organiser
NZ Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union

Saturday April 26 2014

preentation to CUPW International Symposium on Postal Banking
by John Anderson