Social Stewards

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Need to Connect with a Social Steward?

Not all locals have social stewards, but we are working hard towards that goal. Please contact your union local to find out who the social steward is for your work section.

Group of three CUPW Social Stewards with arms outstretched in a welcoming manner

The CUPW Social Stewards Network: A workplace peer support network

Social stewards can play a crucial role in responding to the needs of the environment. It is a helping relationship between equals provided by members to fellow members.

The network is made up of reliable people in the workplace who are there to help improve the quality of your work life.

Social stewards are not specialists or therapists; they’re just people who know your work environment.

They are free of any link to authority and able to provide confidential help while respecting your choices.

Social stewards - Déléguées sociales et délégués sociaux

What is a social steward?

A social steward is an active union member involved in providing support to other members who are experiencing difficulties.

Helping someone involves listening to and referring members who seek help to union, community and professional resources.

The role of a social steward is to:

  • listen

  • refer

  • support and follow-up

  • assist in prevention

Why a network?

Debt, burnout, gambling, alcohol and drug-related problems, mental health issues and other personal problems can affect not only a member’s quality of life, but also their families and work.

The network is based on the following tenets of union action:

  • Ensuring the well-being of members

  • Providing voluntary and confidential assistance

  • Respecting the individual

  • Providing peer-to-peer assistance

  • Focussing in prevention

If you need:

  • someone to listen to you

  • information

  • reassurance

  • help

  • support

  • referrals

...your social steward is there for you.

Want to Become a Social Steward?

If you are interested in becoming a social steward, please contact your union local to find out more.

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