N00-03-00002 - Street Distance Assessment

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Grievance File Number: 
Collective Agreement: 
Urban Postal Operations (2003)
Relevant Articles: 
47, 50, Appendix V, LCRMS - Chapter 13
Date referred: 
Tuesday February 17 2004
Dulude, G.


CUPW and the Corporation have an agreement for assessing the workload of letter carriers who do door-to-door delivery to points of call normally serviced by community mail boxes. Under this agreement, the equivalent of three quarters of the street distance must be allocated.

However, the Corporation refuses to comply with this agreement and the new provisions in the LCRMS Manual, and to make the required time assessment adjustments to several letter carrier routes. In so doing, the Corporation is violating the collective agreement, specifically Articles 47 and 50, as well Appendix "V" and Chapter 13 of the LCRMS Manual.

Corrective Steps Requested

CUPW requests that the Corporation immediately reassess the time allocated, by applying the procedure agreed to, and as provided for in the LCRMS Manual, i.e. three quarters of the street distance, to all affected letter carrier routes, and immediately adjust these routes.

CUPW further requests that Corporation compensate all employees who were or will be negatively affected by the Corporation's refusal to comply with the agreement and the LCRMS Manual, such compensation to be based on the overtime rate and the difference between the time that was assessed and the time that should have been assessed.