N00-03-00016 - Manulife

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Grievance File Number: 
Collective Agreement: 
Urban Postal Operations (2003)
Relevant Articles: 
03, 33, 05, 54
Date referred: 
Thursday April 28 2005
Lauzon, C.


The Canadian Union of Postal Workers grieves that the employer is in violation of articles 3, 5, 33, 54 and other applicable provisions of the collective agreement in that it is, among other things, requiring employees to attend medical examinations in contravention of the collective agreement, requiring employees to return to work in violation of article 54, requiring employees to have their physicians complete the Acquisition of Medical Information (AMI) form or otherwise have the employees physicians provide medical information to which the employer is not entitled.

Corrective Steps Requested

That the employer immediately cease requiring employees to have the AMI form completed by their physicians, that it immediately cease its attempts to obtain medical information to which it is not entitled, that it accommodate employees in accordance with the provisions of article 54, that any AMI forms provided by employees be returned to them and that other appropriate remedies be granted.