N00-03-R0007 - Appendix E

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Grievance File Number: 
Collective Agreement: 
Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (2003)
Relevant Articles: 
Appendix E
Date referred: 
Tuesday November 2 2004
Lavery, D.


The Canadian Union of Postal Workers grieves that the employer is in violation of Appendix "E" and other portions of the RSMC collective agreement in that its representatives on the Transition Committee have failed to meet their obligations under Appendix "E".

Corrective Steps Requested

That the employer representatives be instructed to fulfill their obligations under Appendix "E", that any employee who has had his or her rights or benefits adversely affected by the failure of the employer's representatives to fulfill their obligations under Appendix "E" be made whole and that other appropriate remedies be granted.

The Union also reserves the right to amend this grievance.