N00-03-R0012 - Clause 16.01 – Wages – Improper deductions

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Grievance File Number: 
Collective Agreement: 
Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (2003)
Relevant Articles: 
Date referred: 
Monday April 24 2006


The Canada Post Corporation is refusing or failing to pay absent rural and suburban letter carriers for the designated paid holidays provided for in the collective agreement. In doing so, Canada Post is violating the provisions of the collective agreement, more specifically, but not limited to, Article 16. In addition, the Corporation is also violating legislation in situations where employees are absent for fewer than fifteen (15) days in the thirty (30)-day period prior to the designated paid holiday.

Corrective Steps Requested

The Union requests a statement to the effect that the Canada Post Corporation has violated the collective agreement and legislation, as the case may be. The Union also requests that Canada Post be ordered to pay absent rural and suburban mail carriers for those designated paid holidays. In addition, the Union requests that Canada Post be ordered to pay rural and suburban mail carriers who were absent for all designated paid holidays that occurred during their absence, both prior to and following the filing of this grievance, with interest.