N00-06-R0002 - Financial Cap - Training

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Grievance File Number: 
Collective Agreement: 
Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (2006)
Date referred: 
Wednesday September 26 2007
Awaiting Decision
P. Chapman


The Canada Post Corporation is contravening the provisions of the collective agreement by charging expenses to the financial cap that are not contemplated by the collective agreement nor agreed to by the union.

Corrective Steps Requested

The Union requests an order to the effect that the Canada Post Corporation’s actions are in violation of the collective agreement and that they are to immediately cease. The Union is also requesting that the Canada Post Corporation be ordered to pay damages, including interest, for any resultant adverse effects that have been experienced, or will be experienced, by the Union or its membership. The Union also reserves the right to request any additional corrective action it may deem necessary.