N00-07-00028 - Compulsary Overtime – Group 2 (Clause 15.14)

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Grievance File Number: 
Collective Agreement: 
Urban Postal Operations (2007)
Relevant Articles: 
Date referred: 
Tuesday February 23 2010
T.A.B. Jolliffe


The Canadian Union of Postal Workers grieves the Canada Post Corporation's actions with regard to compulsory overtime for Group 2 employees. Contrary to the provisions of clause 15.14 of the collective agreement, the Corporation has not taken any steps to minimize the amount of overtime employees are forced to work. More specifically, but not limited to, the Corporation fails to use temporary workers or other types of employees or people who could volunteer to do the work in lieu of Group 2 employees. In addition to violating clause 15.14, the Corporation's actions, in certain cases, could lead to grave and serious risks to the health and safety of employees who are forced to work overtime for too many hours in a day or week. Moreover, the Corporation's actions deprive temporary employees of hours of work to which they are entitled.

Corrective Steps Requested

The Union requests a statement to the effect that the employer is violating the provisions of the collective agreement and requests that the employer and its representatives be ordered to abide by clause 15.14 of the collective agreement and to minimize the amount of overtime employees are forced to work. The Union also requests that the employer be ordered to remove any unfavourable mention from the employees' personal file, to rescind all disciplinary measures and to compensate affected employees with interest. The Union reserves the right to request any additional corrective action.