N00-07-00036 - Article 47, LCRMS Clause 2.8, Appendix V & CC

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Grievance File Number: 
Collective Agreement: 
Urban Postal Operations (2007)
Relevant Articles: 
47, Appendix CC, Appendix V, LCRMS, MSCWSS
New Grievance
A. Bergeron


The CUPW grieves that Canada Post is violating Articles 47, the Letter Carrier Route Measurement System (LCRMS) Manual, Appendix V, Appendix CC, and to the extent that it applies, the Mail Services Courier Workload Structuring System (MSCWSS) Manual, as well as all other applicable Articles and Appendices of the Urban Operations Agreement. The Corporation is calculating travel time to, from, within, and between different functions on motorized and other letter carrier routes in a manner that is not correct and not consistent with the Urban Operations Collective agreement and the LCRMS and MSCWSS Manuals. In regard to the MSCWSS Manual, the Corporation has not sought or obtained the Union’s agreement to calculate travel times for letter carrier routes in the manner being done. In addition, by changing the method of calculating transportation time, the Corporation is asserting that timing of travel times is now part of the preparation phase of the restructuring process rather than part of the restructuring phase. The impact is to limit CUPW’s right to employer paid observation of these timing exercises.

Corrective Steps Requested

- That the employer ceases calculating letter carrier transportation time in this manner.
- That the employer calculates letter carrier transportation times in a manner consistent with the LCRMS and MSCWSS Manuals and the collective agreement.
- That the employer corrects the evaluation of all affected letter carrier routes.
- That the employer retroactively compensate all letter carriers whose routes were incorrectly evaluated as a result of this violation.
- That the employer reimburse and compensate affected CUPW locals for observation work done at the expense of the local CUPW where it should have been at the expense of the Corporation.
- That all applicable remedies be applied.

CUPW reserves the right to request any other corrective action that may be appropriate under the circumstances.