N00-10-00001 / N00-07-00037 Payment

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Thursday November 29 2018

You should have now received your payment from Canada Post for the partial settlement of National Policy grievances N00-10-00001/N00-07-00037.

It has come to our attention that there were issues with some of the payments the members received and some members did not receive their compensation.   

If you believe you were not compensated correctly, please notify AccessHR at 1-877-807-9090, or by email at AccessHR@canadapost.ca.

The employer is keeping a list of inquiries and has been forwarding this list to the national office on a weekly basis. If you have already contacted Access HR and they directed you to your union without recording your concern, please call them again as they are now tracking all inquiries.

However, we would suggest that you inform your local and /or regional office. 

Please have your grievance number or the group grievance number that your local submitted on your behalf, if you know one was submitted. We would ask that you supply as much information as possible to the Union to substantiate your claim so we can get you paid as quickly as possible.  

We are continuing to work with CPC to resolve any problems relating to this partial payment (November 15th).

Moving forward there is still much to be done to process outstanding payments that CPC owes members for specific issues at the time of the rotating strikes. For example, those who had their annual leave cancelled by CPC in June 2011 have not been compensated for the said cancellation. Only the entitlement of annual leave, as per article 19.01 of the collective agreement, for the month of June was included in the November 15th payment.

Please note that when we sent out the first bulletin we had stated that inactive members would be paid in March, but CPC has been able to include most entitled members on November 15th.

However, we have received a list of members with the status of withdrawn/Inactive whom CPC wasn’t able to pay because their banking information was not current. CPC has sent cheques to these members at their last known address. If any of these cheques are returned, the Union will attempt to locate these members individually.

This list will be forwarded to the regional and local offices in hopes of locating these members so they can receive the monies they are entitled to.

If you know of anyone who was working for CPC in June 2011 and did not receive a payment please have them contact their local or regional office and/or Access HR with their contact information. This also applies to the estate of any deceased member.


Thank you and Solidarity,

Joanne Gomercich
National Union Representative - Grievances