N00-11-R0001 - Exchange of information – Transition Committee

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Grievance File Number: 
Collective Agreement: 
Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (2011)
Relevant Articles: 
11, 12, 13, 34
New Grievance


When changes are made to a route under Articles 11, 12, 13, 34 and other provisions of the collective agreement, the employer is failing to provide the Transition Committee with all relevant information, in violation of the collective agreement imposed by interest arbitrator B. Keller.

Corrective Steps Requested

The Union requests a statement to the effect that the employer is violating the collective agreement. The Union also requests that the employer be ordered to provide the Transition Committee with all relevant information and to review, with the Transition Committee, all changes to all routes whose compensation was changed unilaterally since it started refusing to provide all relevant information, as per the collective agreement. Moreover, the Union requests that the Corporation be ordered to pay damages (with interest) to all employees affected by the employer’s refusal to abide by its obligation to provide all relevant information to the Transition Committee. The Union also reserves the right to request any additional corrective action.