Nakba Commemoration of May 15

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Tuesday May 15 2018

By email and mail


Nabil Marouf, Palestine Representative
Canada Office
18 The Driveway
Ottawa, ON K2P 1C6

Dear Mr. Marouf;

On behalf of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in the Palestine Postal Service Workers’ Union, I am writing recognize the Nakba commemoration of May 15 and extend our hope that the Palestinian people and nation will finally receive the human and social justice so deserved. We regret any Canadian support, either directly or through silence, about the ongoing atrocities occurring on your occupied lands. We cannot condone any support for a regime of hatred based on continuing land theft and human rights abuses. In reality, the Nakba has never really ended.

On the day of May 15 we will not only remember the Nakba but also recognize that Palestinians are still standing with dignity even though terrorized Palestine still expresses their rightful claim for justice and respect. In this way, Palestine has taught the world a lesson in human dignity by refusing to disappear or abandon your nation under grave circumstances.

Our Union will publicize this day with our membership across the country. We are part of a growing movement in Canada and globally that understand the problems of Palestine did not begin in 1967 but rather is part of a long-term strategy to occupy all of Palestine.

We mourn for those expelled and murdered and for every family that lost a home and their livelihood. We also mourn for those languishing in Zionist jails and those shot recently for merely expressing their right to live. We stand in solidarity with everyone who is harassed for the mere reason of being Palestinian. As the legendary Union organizer Joe Hill said, “don’t mourn, organize!” We will not forget and remain in solidarity with the Palestinian people until Palestine is fully independent and free.


Mike Palecek
National President


National Executive Board, Union Representatives, Specialists,

National Human Right Committee, CUPW

Hassan Yussuff, CLC President

Chrystia Freeland, Minister for Foreign Affairs