National Grievances

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Tuesday December 4 2018

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has recently filed four National Grievances. These violations of our Collective Agreements affect both Urban and RSMC members.

N00-16-00007 and N00-16-R0005

Articles 5, 6, 8 and 33 {Urban} Articles 5,7, and 24 {RSMC} – Substance Abuse Policy

Canada Post mailed a letter to all CUPW-STTP members informing them of this new policy. This policy was not agreed to and the Corporation refused to hold meaningful consultation. This policy is unreasonable, discriminatory and constitutes a violation of our members’ fundamental rights. The policy is a direct violation of the Urban and RSMC Collective Agreements.

N00-16-00008 and N00-16-R0006

Article 43 {Urban} Article 34 {RSMC}

Canada Post stopped applying the collective agreements at the start of the Union’s job actions on October 22, 2018. Employees were denied their bargaining unit rights and had several less favourable working conditions imposed on them. These involve some of the same issues as National grievance N00-12-00001 filed after the 2011 job actions-that is the grievance which all affected members recently received compensation for. Canada Post does not seem to learn from their past mistakes!

All denials of acquired rights that were grieved in 2011 need to be grieved again. Cancelled annual leave, removed from STDP and Injury on Duty leave

Please make sure all our members are aware of these National Grievances, and if any of these violations are happening in your Local, file a grievance immediately so that we can obtain as much evidence as possible as we move forward with these files.

Please ensure that all documents and evidence are submitted with your grievance, (any type of leave denied, forms and annual leave lists, etc.). It is easier and more efficient to acquire this information now than later.

Thank you for your assistance.



In Solidarity,

Coleen Jones
Alternate National Union Representative (2015-2019)
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