Negotiations Continue: Meeting With The Government

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Friday August 19 2016
No 65

This morning we met with representatives of the Federal Government and Canada Post management to discuss the current state of negotiations. The government was represented by Treasury Board President Scott Brison and senior officials from Labour Canada and Treasury Board. CPC was represented by CEO President Deepak Chopra and other senior representatives. Representing CUPW was National President Mike Palecek, 1st National Vice-President Jan Simpson, and both CUPW chief negotiators George Floresco (also 3rd National Vice-President) and Sylvain Lapointe (also National Director, Metro-Montreal  Region).


Major Issues Discussed – No Agreements Reached


The meeting was conducted respectfully however no decisions were taken and no agreements were reached. Major points made by the union representatives included:


  • The Union is prepared and determined to negotiate collective agreements without any form of compulsory arbitration. We fought for our constitutional right to free collective bargaining and we will not relinquish our rights.
  • The Union will maintain a defined benefit pension for all current and future regular employees. We believe that Canada Post should not be subject to a solvency test. This has been the position of CPC and is the position of all CPC unions.
  • The Union is ready to negotiate equity for RSMCs. The issue is not complicated. RSMCs do the same work as letter carriers and should have the same wages, rights and benefits.
  • The Union is prepared to negotiate all other issues. We have already come to agreements which will enable CPC to increase its market share in the parcels and direct mail businesses. However, Canada Post management has been completely intransigent, refusing to even negotiate non-monetary issues such as RSMC seniority or health and safety issues.
  • We prefer to reach an agreement without a strike and we have never made any threats or ultimatums.


Stay United – Be Prepared


Your National Negotiating Committee and the members of the National Executive Board are determined to negotiate collective agreements which meet the needs of postal workers, ensures future growth of the Corporation, and improves services to the public.

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit