New CUPW Leadership Aims to Overturn Postal Cuts

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Monday May 11 2015

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OTTAWA- The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has elected Mike Palecek, a postal worker from Vancouver local, the union’s new National President. Jan Simpson became 1st National Vice-president – the first black woman to sit on CUPW’s National Executive Board.

Palecek is CUPW’s youngest national president ever. He promises to bring a new energy and vigor to the fight against Conservative cuts to the postal service, saying “We are going to bring the fight to the Tories in the run-up to the federal election.”

“We are going to make sure that every person who loses door to door delivery, every citizen that has to pay higher postage rates, everyone that has their local post office closed or downsized, knows that the blame for this lies squarely with Stephen Harper and his Conservative government.”

Palecek promises a more aggressive stance for the union in the fight to protect public services and jobs. “The mandate from the delegates last week is for a change in direction, and change in culture. We’ve heard the call and we’ve already begun.”

Simpson says, “We can be proud as a progressive union to have a worker of colour as national vice-president, and we’ll be even prouder once we’ve defeated this Conservative government, preserved the public postal service that we all rely on, and saved thousands of jobs in a profitable crown corporation.”

At the convention May 4-8, about 575 delegates representing the CUPW membership worked on union policy and elected national and regional leadership. The next CUPW national convention will be in 2019.

Also elected: 

  • Beverly Collins, National Secretary-Treasurer
  • Peter Denley, National Grievance Officer
  • Dave Bleakney, 2nd National Vice-President
  • George Floresco, 3rd National Vice-President
  • Martin Champagne, 4th National Vice-President
  • Carl Girouard, Chris Pleasants, Cathy Kennedy, Joanne Gomercich
  • National Union Representatives– Grievance and Arbitration
  • Rona Eckert, National Union Representative – Consultation
  • Marc Roussel, National Union Representative – Health & Safety
  • Denis Lemelin, National Union Representative under direction of the NEC
  • Yves Hénault, National Union Representative – Education - French
  • Richard Gaboton, National Union Representative – Education - English
  • Nicolas Presne, National Union Representative – Staffing
  • Aaron Spires, National Union Representative – External Organizing


For more information contact: Kevin Matthews at or 613-293-0547

Regional Contacts:

Jeff Callaghan – National Director, Atlantic region
François Senneville – National Director, Quebec region
Sylvain Lapointe – National Director, Metro-Montreal region
Mark Evard – National Director, Central region
Sanjay Sapra – National Director, Metro Toronto region
Gerry Deveau  – National Director, Ontario region
Gord Fischer – National Director, Prairie region
Tim Armstrong – National Director, Pacific region