New RSMC Contract Books Have Arrived

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Thursday July 18 2013

Many locals and members have been asking when the contract books for the new RSMC collective agreements will be coming.

We have now received advance copies of the new RSMC contract books at National Office.  They should be available to members in the locals in approximately 2 weeks.


Employer Must Supply Contracts to Members

As per clause 31.02 of the contract, the employer is required to supply each member with a copy.  Make sure that you get your copy from your Supervisor.   It has a navy blue cover to distinguish it from the old agreement.


Side Letters in Full Force and Effect

Some of the letters that were included in the package supplied for ratification votes are not in the actual contract.  These letters are still in full force and effect, and can be grieved as though they were part of the collective agreement.

A letter will be sent to local CUPW offices shortly with signed copies of these side letters attached.

It is also important to note that Appendix K (Right Hand Drive vehicles) has been adjusted and added to by the Memorandum of Agreement between CUPW and Canada Post signed June 5, 2013 under Article 35 of the collective agreement (Technological Change).  This Memorandum was sent to the locals on June 5, 2013.


Thanks to Your Negotiating Committee

While this collective agreement does not address all issues of concern to RSMCs, it does provide major improvements in the working lives of RSMC members.

At this time, I would once again like to thank the members of the RSMC Negotiating Committee who came to Ottawa, spending many months away from their homes and families, and took on the hard work of negotiating this collective agreement on behalf of the members:

  • Nancy Beauchamp, Montreal Local
  • Barbara McMillan, Arnprior-Renfrew Local
  • Shelley Sillers, Guelph Local
  • Susan Wilson, Edmonton Local

I would also like to thank Brothers Ken Bird, Geoff Bickerton, and Colin MacKenzie for the assistance that they gave to the Negotiating Committee.  Administrative Assistants Jackie Morris and Lise King and the staff of the national office translation department deserve thanks for their important support work.  Without their hard work and dedication, it would not have been possible to achieve this collective agreement.

In solidarity,
Donald Lafleur
4th National Vice-President (1994-2014)