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CUPW launched its postal banking campaign with a giant inflatable piggy bank in downtown Ottawa.

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Thursday June 30 2016
Thursday May 5 2016
Saturday June 25 2016
Thursday June 30 2016
Thursday July 14 2016
Saturday July 23 2016


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Thursday September 8 2016

There were several key health and safety issues that were included in our program of demands and there are many questions about the status of these

Saturday July 23 2016
Yesterday we shared some information about the injury rates at Canada Post which shows that there is a serious problem with health and safety. Many of our demands seek to improve the health and safety for postal workers. Nothing is more important than ensuring that each and every one of us works in a safe environment. What has Canada Post done at the bargaining table to improve health and safety for postal workers?
Friday July 22 2016
We met with the mediators today and reviewed the current state of our negotiations with Canada Post and the lack of real progress. In our meeting with CPC today we discussed Health and Safety Training (Appendix DD). CPC is still determined to reduce the 8 hours of health and safety training that every employee receives even though the injury rate at CPC is the highest in the federal public sector.
Thursday July 14 2016
Talks are continuing and some progress is being made. Now is the time to send a strong message to Canada Post that we are still ready to negotiate seriously, to get new collective agreements.
Thursday June 30 2016
The year is 2036 and you’re reading this because right now, you’re thinking about what it means to call yourself a postal worker. You’re wondering if it’s really worth it to put your body and your future on the line. That’s what your union is asking you to do.
Thursday June 30 2016
Parts of the country are affected by extended heat waves in the summer. Find out about the dangers caused by heatwaves. Take the necessary precautions and encourage your brothers and sisters to do the same.
Saturday June 25 2016

Today we received the first global offers from Canada Post Corporation for the Urban and RSMC units.

Tuesday May 17 2016


Thursday May 5 2016

The Canada Post Corporation has informed us that it has renewed its agreement with Logistik, a company located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebe

Thursday April 28 2016

The National Day of Mourning, held annually on April 28, is dedicated to remembering those who have lost their lives, or suffered injury or illness

Support Postal Banking - Download and Sign the Petition

Canada needs a postal bank. Thousands of rural towns and villages in our country do not have a bank, but many of them have a post office that could provide financial services. As well, nearly two million Canadians desperately need an alternative to payday lenders. A postal bank could be that alternative. Download and sign the petition urging the Government of Canada to instruct Canada Post to add postal banking, with a mandate for financial inclusion.


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