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CUPW launched its postal banking campaign with a giant inflatable piggy bank in downtown Ottawa.

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Monday July 4 2016


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Thursday May 30 2019
We’ve been participating in the arbitration process set down by Bill C-89, the back-to-work legislation that passed last November. Although we believe the law is unconstitutional and violates our charter rights, we will abide by it while we challenge it in the courts. That’s why you’re currently working under the terms of the expired contracts, and that’s why we are in this arbitration process.
Friday May 24 2019

The retro wage payment for the Pay Equity award is on schedule.

It will be paid on pay period 12, June 13, 2019.

Wednesday May 22 2019

On April 29, 2019 Arbitrator Elizabeth McPherson wrote to the Minister of Labour Patti Hajdu, requesting an extension of her appointment until Dece

Friday May 10 2019

We have now completed 12 days of hearings on our collective agreement(s) arbitration.

Tuesday April 16 2019
We began this hearing with the continued testimony of Geoff Bickerton on the history of RSMC negotiations. The hearing continued with committee member, Cathy Kennedy testifying about the pay equity process and Arbitrator Maureen Flynn’s decisions on pay equity.
Friday March 22 2019

On March 19, the day started out with a visit to the Kanata Depot with Arbitrator MacPherson.

Friday March 15 2019

Day six of the arbitration for our collective agreements has now been completed.

Friday February 22 2019
Days four and five of the arbitration on our collective agreements have now been completed. On February 19, 2019 we introduced evidence related to letter carrier delivery and over burdening. On February 21, 2019, National Union Representative Nicolas Presne testified on the technical aspects of letter carrier work. Following video evidence of Cari-Anne Gordon, a letter carrier from Saskatoon on her route, she testified about the difficulties of using the back-to-back method, particularly in extreme cold. This is just one of the hazards that letter carriers have to deal with.
Thursday February 14 2019
On February 12th, 2019 the Union introduced its first witnesses in the arbitration of the collective agreements. Correcting the injustices done to us by the unconstitutional 2011 special legislation, health and safety, overburdening, precarious work and equality are our main focus.
Thursday February 7 2019
On February 6, 2019, after direction from Arbitrator MacPherson, Canada Post provided its position on the matters in dispute for the upcoming arbitration. Not only did Canada Post roll back from its position in November 2018, it did nothing to improve working conditions for Urban Operations members. Canada Post stated in its February 6, 2019 proposal “CUPW’s goal in bargaining appeared to be to regain what it perceives as “rollbacks” that were agreed to in past rounds of bargaining, and were designed to assist the corporation to remain competitive and financially sound.”

Support Postal Banking - Download and Sign the Petition

Canada needs a postal bank. Thousands of rural towns and villages in our country do not have a bank, but many of them have a post office that could provide financial services. As well, nearly two million Canadians desperately need an alternative to payday lenders. A postal bank could be that alternative. Download and sign the petition urging the Government of Canada to instruct Canada Post to add postal banking, with a mandate for financial inclusion.


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