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CUPW launched its postal banking campaign with a giant inflatable piggy bank in downtown Ottawa.

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Monday November 5 2018
Tuesday November 6 2018
Tuesday November 6 2018
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Friday November 9 2018


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Wednesday November 14 2018
Your negotiating committee has now had an opportunity to review and analyze the new RSMC global offer that we received from Canada Post on November 14, 2018 in the afternoon. Canada Post says this latest offer will expire at 11:59 pm on Saturday, November 17, 2018. Canada Post has made some movements towards addressing our key priorities, however, we have a long way to go to achieve a negotiated collective agreement. There are many key issues missing, in addition to unacceptable proposals from Canada Post.
Wednesday November 14 2018
On Wednesday, November 14, 2018, we received a new offer from Canada Post for both the RSMC and Urban Operations bargaining units.
Wednesday November 14 2018
2,600 New Workers on the Picket Lines Today - For Immediate Release - Ottawa – Members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) from the Niagara Falls, Stratford, Owen Sound and Windsor locals in Ontario are the latest group to walk off the job as the fourth week of postal strikes continues. They joined members of the St. John’s local in Newfoundland and Labardor, who began striking at 7 pm (NST) yesterday evening.
Tuesday November 13 2018


Canada Post Corporation (CPC) began to implement Postal Transformation (PT) in 2010.

Tuesday November 13 2018

Nearly 10,000 Postal Workers on the Picket Lines

For Immediate Release

Monday November 12 2018

After many attempts to resolve the many outstanding issues that were necessary to achieve negotiated collective agreements, the parties remain far

Saturday November 10 2018

The parties are continuing to work with Mediator, Mr. Morton Mitchnick.

Saturday November 10 2018

Courage, focus and patience! We are up against big forces and an “operations” culture that has used us. It is not easy and we need each other.

Friday November 9 2018
The Union continues to work hard, with the assistance of Mediator, Mr. Morton Mitchnick, to move our negotiations forward. Your negotiating committee has presented all of our key issues to Mr. Mitchnick and we have given him the full background of why these issues must be addressed.
Friday November 9 2018
Parties Continue to Work with Mediator - For Immediate Release - Ottawa – The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) rotating strike made its way north today, as members from the Whitehorse local in the Yukon and the Labrador City and Goose Bay locals in Labrador, enjoyed their first taste of strike action. They were joined by postal workers from British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, who also walked off the job yesterday evening and this morning.

Support Postal Banking - Download and Sign the Petition

Canada needs a postal bank. Thousands of rural towns and villages in our country do not have a bank, but many of them have a post office that could provide financial services. As well, nearly two million Canadians desperately need an alternative to payday lenders. A postal bank could be that alternative. Download and sign the petition urging the Government of Canada to instruct Canada Post to add postal banking, with a mandate for financial inclusion.


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