No 72-Hour Strike Notice Today

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Thursday June 30 2016

The CUPW National Executive Board has decided not to file a 72-hour strike notice today. This means there will be no strike action undertaken before Tuesday, July 5th.

CPC Spreading Myths about RSMCs

Here is what Canada Post Spokesperson Jon Hamilton stated:  “What the union is saying is simply not true; in fact, some of our rural and suburban mail carriers can make as much if not more than our urban carriers,”. Here are the facts:

CPC’s Global Offer Would Sharply Reduce Full-Time Jobs

CPC wants to close all 493 retail counters currently protected by Appendix I of the urban collective agreement. This could result in destroying 1,215 full-time day shift jobs in Group 1. CPC’s proposal to reduce the Appendix P full-time ratio from 78% to 72% and move to a 10 month calculation could result in eliminating many hundreds of full-time jobs. The CPC Global Offer would sharply reduce the ability of current part-time and temporary workers to obtain full-time employment.    

Watch Out For Management Lies and Provocation

In the coming days we can expect Canada Post management to try to provoke members into taking industrial action. The National Executive Board requests that all members resist any of CPC’s provocations.

Stay cool, Stay United, Remain determined

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit
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