Our Demands and Mediation

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Friday February 9 2018
No. 13

The mediation process is ongoing. Remember that every single one of our demands remains on the table and we are working hard to show Canada Post why our demands are so important to all of us. We must all continue to remind Canada Post that we want improved working conditions, wages, benefits, proper staffing, increased and improved services for the public and a greener Canada Post.


What is Being Discussed?

We are continuing with a very intense and busy mediation schedule. We have discussed many key issues, including: restructures and union observers, workload, overburdening, the future of delivery, human rights, temporary workers, on-call relief employees, staffing, union rights and the greening of Canada Post. Once the issue is identified, the mediation process involves the discussion of “needs and concerns,” and “possible options.”


One Collective Agreement

We must all remind Canada Post that we are determined to achieve one collective agreement and equality for all our members. This message must be sent to Canada Post at every opportunity. Our message is simple and makes sense; all of our members who process and deliver the mail should have better working conditions, pay and benefits.


Pay Equity and Negotiations

The pay equity process has been delayed because of Canada Post’s tactics, but we will not let this deter us from our objectives in our negotiations. We must continue to move forward with our demands and send Canada Post a strong message about equity, equality and improvements to the working conditions of all postal workers.


Take Action for better working conditions and Equality Now!



Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC bargaining unit
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