Parties Are Meeting

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Wednesday July 13 2016
No 42

We remain committed to the negotiating process and continue to meet with Canada Post and the mediators. We are attempting to move talks forward by discussing issues with little or no monetary impact, but progress is very slow.


Issues Being Discussed

On Monday, the parties discussed RSMC restructures and maximizing full-time positions while understanding that there will be a need for a process to address unique situations. We also discussed several other issues including seniority, the Short-Term Disability Plan (STDP), transfer rights, cease and desist and RSMC uniforms. Little progress was made but CPC will come back with answers to several of the issues.

Yesterday (Tuesday), we met with the employer on Appendix “T”, one-bundle delivery, not filling vacant positions, pay in arrears, the list of national arbitrators and human rights & health and safety training. This meeting was not productive on most issues.


Today’s Meetings

Today we met the mediators and discussed proposals for moving negotiations forward. There was also a discussion about the financial situation of Canada Post. This afternoon we met on both RSMC and Urban issues. Although we are still very far from reaching agreements some progress was made on some issues.


Lockout Averted: Real Negotiations Must Begin

Parcel volumes are starting to return to the system even though both parties have the right to strike and lockout. It is now obvious that in mid-June, when CPC provided notice to large volume mailers not to mail after June 26th, the Corporation was preparing for a lockout. It is now time for CPC to really negotiate.


Stay Strong, Stay Determined.
We Deserve Good Collective Agreements!

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit
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