Pay Equity: Mediation Continues

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Thursday July 12 2018

As directed by Arbitrator Flynn, the parties have been meeting to try to resolve several issues.


PCI Delivery, Lock Changes and Householders

The parties are meeting on these issues in an effort to determine the implications of Arbitrator Flynn’s decision with respect to the wage gap, the pension and the time values associated with these work processes.


Current Proposals of Canada Post on Benefits.

  • Life Insurance and $10,000 Death Benefit: CPC will provide the benefit.
  • Retiree Dental Plan: Will provide benefit. RSMCs must pay 100% of the premium.
  • Post-Retirement Health Plan: CPC will provide however, the 15-year eligibility period begins on January 1, 2016.
  • Long Term Disability Insurance: CPC will provide coverage.
  • Marriage, Birth and Adoption Leave: CPC will provide.
  • BC Provincial Health Premium: CPC will provide.
  • Isolated Post Allowance: CPC will provide.
  • Annual Leave and Pre-retirement Leave: CPC will not provide the leave but will pay equivalent weeks’ salary. Entitlement to the 5th week of vacation pay would start January 1, 2030. Entitlement to the first week of pre-retirement would begin January 1, 2021 for those RSMCs who are age 60 years or older.
  • Glove Allowance: CPC will pay but unsure of payment method.
  • Displacement Allowance: CPC unsure of its position.

Many Questions Still to be Answered

There are many issues, such as the status of people on extended disability leave, the locations of isolated posts, and the eligibility requirements for post-retirement benefits and vacation and pre-retirement leave that are still outstanding. In some cases, CPC has not fully developed its position and in others, there are disagreements between the parties. Arbitrator Flynn is participating in these discussions in her role of mediator/arbitrator. The next dates of mediation are July 17, 18, 25 and August 7, 8, 21, 22 and 23.


Unresolved Issues to go to Arbitration

We are determined to negotiate an agreement which fully respect the legal obligations of CPC, under the Canada Human Rights Act, to provide pay equity to RSMCs.

We are hoping to reach an agreement so that RSMCs can receive their retroactive compensation and new benefits as soon as possible. If an agreement is impossible, the unresolved issues will be referred to Arbitrator Flynn for a final decision.


In Solidarity,

Members of the Pay Equity Committee,

Nancy Beauchamp
Pay Equity Committee Member
Barb McMillan
Pay Equity Committee Member
Cathy Kennedy
Pay Equity Committee Member