The post office can be amazing: together, we are changing the game!

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Thursday October 1 2015

Too many postal workers, their families, and friends are being forced into a robotic existence of overwork, competition, anxiety and fear. Meanwhile, the wealth and value we help to create for all of society keeps flowing to the top. The good news is that we are taking the offensive and we have the Conservatives running for cover.

Together, we are changing the game right now! Postal workers inside and outside, rural and retired, are working side by side with the public we serve, and we are making things happen! Let’s not blow this amazing opportunity. The situation may look bleak, but the truth is that our strength is growing. Enough is enough.  Let each of us do what we know we have to do.  

This is a challenge that we are ready for. Our society is one where banks and corporations rule. The people that run these companies are rewarded well, not for their brilliance but for their willingness to exploit other human beings. They get obscene amounts of money and privilege while we are forced to speed up and suffer financially, emotionally and physically. Many of us are working far too much and others have no work at all.

Canada Post Corporation has 22 vice-presidents, plus its CEO. These privileged few cry wolf about the future of the successful money-making public postal service as they prepare us for slaughter in the private marketplace and feed themselves generously off our labour. To them, we are numbers and consumers, to be herded, managed and kept apart, like animals in a factory farm.



Our “customers” (the owners of Canada Post) have stood up for us across the country. They are rooting for us. Some have even occupied CMB locations or planted gardens. The mayor of Montreal smashed one up with a jackhammer. In thousands of conversations, people tell us they care about their post office and about our jobs.

Our struggle is now theirs. This is a movement that stands up for a way of life. We lose our fear when we see through the lie. We know what we can be. We looked in the mirror. And now we see that we are powerful and that we are not alone.

Supporting door-to-door mail delivery and a public postal service may be the single most important thing we need our friends and neighbours to do this election. We must help them get to the polls, and can do much more. Get out, talk to your neighbours, distribute flyers to their doorstep, volunteer to help a local candidate, and bring people to the polls. Dumping the untrustworthy Harper Conservatives will most certainly be an improvement for our future and lives at work.

We have to keep the issue on the table:  a successful public post office, one with expanded services, in collaboration with the public. Imagine a postal bank that does not rip you off; one that everyone owns. We could expand our service, generate revenue and make everyone happier. What about recognizing the value of letter carriers to the community and seeing them for the asset they are?  

We come from different places, we have different talents, beliefs, ideas and thoughts, but one thing links us together. We are here to live a dignified life for ourselves, and with our friends and families.

This time, TOGETHER, let’s show our friends, our families and ourselves, that we choose to make history together now. So let’s do it.

Let’s do it big! 

In solidarity,

Dave Bleakney
2nd National Vice-President