Postal Workers and Emergency Child Care Services - Provinces and Territories

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Tuesday April 28 2020

Greetings Sisters, Brothers, Friends:

The majority of provinces and territories have closed licensed child care services because of the COVID pandemic. This means that many postal workers lost access to their regular child care arrangements, but are still required to work.

Provinces and territories have set up “emergency child care” for designated workers. The list of designated workers is different in every province/territory and is changing daily. Some provinces/territories list postal workers as eligible, while others do not.

The CUPW Child Care Fund has been working with our national partners to gather this information into a comprehensive listing of “emergency child care” services and who is eligible to apply. 


Where to find the latest information about emergency child care in your Region

If you are looking for emergency child care services or to see if you are eligible to apply click on the link below to find information about your province/territory.

Child Care Resource and Research Unit Emergency Child Care Chart:


Contact your Shop Steward or Regional Office

If you are not able to find the information you need from the link above, or if you are having problems getting approval for paid special leave to care for your child, contact your shop steward or social steward.

We will also keep Regional Offices appraised of any changes provinces or territories are making to their eligibility criteria or where to locate emergency child care services.

CUPW Regional Offices

Atlantic Region
Tel: 902-454-5812

Quebec Region
Tel: 418-622-3838

Montreal Region
Tel: 514-384-1204

Central Region
Tel: 613-565-9292

Ontario Region
Tel: 519-659-0436

Metro Toronto Region
Tel: 905-671-0158

Prairie Region
Tel: 204-942-5480

Pacific Region
Tel: 604-525-0194

A Break Through in Ontario

The efforts of CUPW and our national partners to raise the need to have federal workers including postal workers listed as eligible for emergency child care during the COVID-19 pandemic has paid off in Ontario.

Just this week the Ontario Government expanded the list of eligible workers to include certain federal workers and postal workers as being eligible to apply for free emergency child care. 


For complete listing of emergency child care services offered in Ontario:



In Solidarity,

Dave Bleakney
2nd National Vice-President