Postal Workers And Friends March To Prime Minister’s Office

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Thursday August 4 2016

MONTREAL -Postal workers and friends will rally at the Prime Minister’s constituency office in Montreal on Saturday, August 6th to call for decent pensions, pay equity and a sustainable public postal service.

While the Liberal government is committed to gender equity, better pensions, and high quality postal service, one of its biggest Crown corporations is working against this agenda at the bargaining table.

“The government has created the first gender-equal cabinet, taken steps to improve retirement security, and initiated a review to ensure Canadians receive quality postal services at a reasonable price,” said CUPW National President, Mike Palecek. “But Canada Post management is moving in the opposite direction at negotiations. It wants to ignore pay equity laws, increase precarious work, provide worse pensions to new hires and make changes allowing the closure of 493 public post offices.

“There is a real discrepancy between Liberal promises and the actions of post office management.” said Palecek. “Canada Post is sticking to a Harper-era plan that needs to go.”

CUPW wants the government to update Canada Post’s agenda and tell management to get serious at the bargaining table. “The government is responsible for providing broad policy direction to Crown corporations like Canada Post. It should be using this power to ensure that government institutions are in step with priorities, ” said Palecek.

Postal workers and friends will gather at Parc Saint-Alphonse at 1:00 pm, Saturday August 6th , and march to Justin Trudeau’s office. Buses will depart Quebec City at 9:00 am and Ottawa at 10:00 am to bring postal workers and friends to the rally.


For more information, please contact Maria-Hélèna Pacelli, CUPW Communications, at 343-998-5131 or by email