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Monday July 4 2016

For Immediate Release                                                                                           

OTTAWA - Postal workers remain committed to seeking the best possible public postal service for Canadians and Canadian businesses. We want an agreement that allows us to innovate in order to adapt to the changing communication needs of Canadian businesses and the public, and we want to continue providing accessible postal services that can be counted on to deliver everywhere in Canada.


Canada Post said in their July 3rd bulletin:  “We remain committed to the bargaining process and hope that a new collective agreement can be negotiated. A work disruption would hurt customers, employees and the company.”


Canada Post needs to respect this commitment by remaining at the bargaining table and negotiating, instead of preparing to lock us out during the review of our postal service.


If Canada Post knows that a work disruption would hurt their customers, employees and the company, why are they refusing to negotiate and undermining the review process that seeks to improve services to all Canadians?


While the company has been creating uncertainty by warning the public to avoid the post office, CUPW has been showing up at the bargaining table with proposals to make the post office even more profitable and improve services for Canadian businesses and the public.


CUPW calls on senior management at Canada Post to stop creating this uncertainty about the mail service and focus on how to better serve Canadian businesses.


We want to reassure the public and the business community that we intend to remain in talks as long as there is hope that the parties offer suggestions on how we can better serve Canadians.




For more information, contact Aalya Ahmad at or at 613-327-1177.


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