Pride, Freedom, Solidarity for All

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Wednesday June 19 2019

Pride month is here!

While it is a celebration, Pride is also a political rally and a march to claim public space that cannot be taken for granted. On one hand we have seen progress over the past few decades since Pride marches began – the struggle gets results! On the other hand, violence and injustices persist and there is much for LGBTQ activists and allies yet to achieve.

We must always stand with our sisters, brothers, and comrades in the fight for equality and respect. CUPW has a long history of marching in Pride parades, negotiating strong LGBTQ non-discrimination language, and working to make CUPW more inclusive. No matter whom we love or how we identify, we all deserve to feel safe, respected and free to be who we are.


Find Pride events in your community

This summer, postal workers will participate in the many Pride events across the country to support their co-workers, friends, family, neighbours and communities. Check with your local – CUPW has been visible and audible at Pride marches and festivals for years – let’s keep the tradition alive!

Here are just a few of the events that CUPW members can attend: 


If your local is involved in an event not listed here, please email so that it can be shared – please attach your photos from the events. And remember to tag @cupw or @sttp in your tweets, and tag CUPW STTP on Facebook.

Pride is also an opportunity to intensify connections with all of our allies across equity groups. Equity struggles are not mutually exclusive and systems of oppression are interconnected. Let’s celebrate each other and accept no oppression of anyone!


In solidarity,

Jan Simpson
National President