The Right to a Just Future for Palestine

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Wednesday May 30 2018

The events in Gaza in recent weeks have left no one indifferent. Even Prime Minister Trudeau felt compelled to ask for an independent investigation of the situation in Gaza. Canada is complicit in these crimes, supplying Israel with weaponry used to kill civilians and to maintain an illegal occupation of Palestine. Further, Canada just expanded a free trade deal with the Israeli regime. We must continue to generate and stimulate debate through concrete solidarity actions. We need to remain active.


Visit by Imad Temeiza, President of the Palestinian Postal Service Workers’ Union (PPSWU)

After several attempts, Brother Imad Temeiza finally obtained a Canadian visa and was able to take part in many activities in April and early May. He attended the Labor Notes conference in Chicago and participated in a videoconference with the CUPW leadership. He also made presentations during education sessions, met with Canadian Labour Congress officers, civil society groups and groups who support the Palestinian people in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.

CUPW has a joint project with the PPSWU designed to strengthen the Palestinian postal union and build greater solidarity between our two unions. The Palestinian postal workers have been strong allies of CUPW and were the first Union in the world to issue a statement of support in our last contract negotiations.


Boat to Gaza: Brother Ron Rousseau will be on board!

At its most recent meeting, the National Executive Board adopted a resolution in support of Brother Ron Rousseau’s participation in the Canadian Boat to Gaza.

As we know, Israel has maintained an illegal, inhumane and destructive blockade on Gaza for over ten years.

The United Nations has said that Gaza will become uninhabitable by 2020 because of the blockade.

For seven years, the flotilla for peace has been working to raise awareness around the world and impress on the international community the need to end the blockade.

This year, once again, boats will set sail for Gaza under the theme “Right to a Just Future for Palestine.” Throughout their journey, beginning in Bergen, Norway, and ending in the Mediterranean, the flotilla will make many stops to discuss the situation in Gaza.

Brother Ron Rousseau, President of the Whitehorse Local and CLC Vice-President for Indigenous people, will join the flotilla from June 1st to 21st, from Amsterdam to Lisbon. Ron will take this opportunity to speak about the experience ofthe Indigenous people in Canada and its similarities to the plight of the Gazans,  including alarmingly limited access to water, education, and health services, and the right to a just future for their territory.

To be able to continue its work, the flotilla needs the active support of all individuals who support the goal of ending the blockade on Gaza.


Send your donation by cheque to:

Canadian Boat to Gaza
P.O. Box 1950, London Stn. B
London, Ontario N6A 5J4.


For more information, and to follow Ron’s upcoming port visits visit the flotilla website:


The Palestinian people need us: Act now!


Dave Bleakney
2nd National Vice-President